Dutch desert their changing country

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Dec 11, 2004.

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  1. Extracted from today's D/Telegraph
    Does this sound like anywhere else that has a multicultural experiment in place? B Liar has been in power for how many years? How many more to reach 30 years?
  2. But at least the cloggies have come to their senses about it, whilst you can guarantee that the Brits will push it and push it (because it's "ideologically correct") until it almost destroys Britain and its democracy. Then will come the backlash... :?
  3. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I work in the netherlands five days a week and this report is about as accurate as you can get, it's shite and crime and drugs are rife, only place I've been a victim of street crime and the poloiticians are stupid.

    One of the problems now is that with 20% 0f the population being first or second generation immigrants they have not assimilated into society nor have they been asked to. Socialists are happy to provide them houses and benefits but capitalists (you remember those guys, they run all the businesses) won't employ them, consequence, The UK is the leading light, not Netherlands.
  4. The alarm bells are deafening.

    A few days ago I asked


    I could have added (and now have)

    D> Yeah, right


    E> It won't come to that. The backlash will happen with or without political intervention before that.

    D and E are the off message answers that attract banshee screams of 'racist' from those who know what is good for us.

    The experiment isn't working and legislation will never make those opposed to the experiment, like it.
  5. just proves my point that we are all inherently racist.

    By saying this, i mean that we all have within us a certain level of mistrust of foreigners deep in our unconcious psyche.

    It stems fromt he time when we were all walking around in our respective tribal groups. In order to survive, evolution implanted us with an inherent distaste for all things foreign (to our tribe).

    Now a lot of the gaurdian readers would say, 'But yes, this was many thousands of years ago and surely we have eveolved above these primeval instincts!'

    And in a sense we have, but it is still present in a large majority of the worlds population. Hence why there is such a problem with multiculturism. People inherently dont want to integrate themselves with other cultures. (and i mean brits in the med as much as muslims in birmingham!)

    Just dont think it will ever work (like communism doesnt work because of human nature!)

    Just my 2 cents :D

    agent smith
  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Tish tosh, if I were to meet a gorgeous black girl my first thought would be gorgeous and my second black, but if she wasn't black it would be tall or something. These initial thoughts about strangers are based on our experiences not on some gene/tribal thing. Well, not if you're from London anyway!

    But it's all opinion based so I'm off down the pub.
  7. Although we may be inherently racist, our urge to bonk anything better looking than our mothers is a far stronger urge 8O :D

    hope you meet a nice tall dark girl who is absolutely gorgeous this weekend 8)

    agent smith
  8. Canada is well on it's way to the same situation as the Netherlands.
    One difference is Canada has much more "space".
    You don't hear much about it, but many Canadians are making exodus as well.
    All we usually hear about is others wanting to come to Canada for the "liberal" lifestyle.
  9. Multi-culturism doesn't work but our socialist masters plug it to death :roll:

    We are a tolerant race and that is our undoing :evil:

    In short, we should abondon our "socialist experiment" but we will not and watch our country go down the route of where the minority opinion out weighs the majority until they are the majority. Then god help us WASPs :?
  10. "just proves my point that we are all inherently racist."

    Yes we are,inherently racist, They are basically racist but don't see the problem.
  11. The whole of Humanity is bloddy racist.
    We're all animals & still have the instincts of pack/tribe/group etc.
    This cannot & will not be overcome.
    Multiculturalism is a Socialist pipe-dream that has caused a great deal of division & strife in the World.
    Integration is the only answer & if that meens that minorities have to accept the moral & cultural values of their host Country, then sobeit.
    If that's racist, then I am.

    When in Rome................