dutch day sack


has anyone had any experiance or no if the dutch issue day sacks are any good or should i just plug for an Ni Sack?

Link to what i mean...Dutch Patrol Sack
thanks x
You could buy one if you want everyone laugh at you.I wouldn't bother
rocket pouches look bettter to be honest.
I've got a pair of CCH you can have for £50.00 never been worn.
They are utter utter W@nk!
I don't know, Clogs Combat High are allright if you like wood boots!
Go for the NI sack! Our daysacks are the utter shite!
I'd rather get rid of it today than tomorrow,but we aren't allowed to buy and wear Gucci kit.


thanks lads will just plug for ni sack or munro i think!
The Dutch have already stopped issuing them and gone for a more commercial brand; probably says all you need to know about them
I removed the inner devides and to be honest it hasn't been that bad. The central part is nearly as spacious as an issue NI sack. The side pouches are a bit small though and only have poppers to hold the lid shut so small things tend to fall out if you are throwing the bag around.

Personally I use one but will get a new daysack, purly because I want/need to attach jetpacks to the side.

The one thing I like about the Dutch bag is that its DPM (sort of) but looks different, in a twisted (wish you are alley) kind of way...but as previously mentioned, I am sure everyone else thinks I look like a knob!


Kit Reviewer
My mate has one. It's shit, he gets ripped endlessly for it.

It's purely the fact that he's from the Falklands, therefore immune to being ripped due to long years of being a benny.

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