Dutch Day Sack

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by booty_cadet, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. Stay away your mates will call you a mong .Looks odd and only people I know who have one just have the piss ripped out of them all the time
    probably ok for cadets though and at £15 cant go wrong .
  2. Awful... They soak up the water they have poor stitching ath the shoulder strap and they knock your helmet down your face in the prone. My advice... Rocket Pockets. Cant fit fcuk all in them but they're free!
  3. Fair enough! Trying to get away from rocket pockets though. Looking for something I can fit bivvi kit and a jungle sleeping bag in for the worlds easiest excercise, but then probably grow with it.

    Anyone know a place to get a cheap NI patrol pack from? Not new though, nowheres cheap new.
  4. Not being funny kid but its a day sack. Its not a bivi/sleeping bag carrying bergan. Don't get away from the rocket pockets. Embrace them.

    As a sprog start with what they issue you and learn how to do things properly. Feck all wrong with rocket pockets if you only pack what you need.
  5. That's why I don't want to carry a bergan for a 24 hour excercise but a 58 pattern doss bag won't fit in a rocket pouch.

    I've learnt to use rocket pouches. Use them at school most weekends, used them at marine cadets when I'm not at school weekends, used them on camps for school and out of school cadets for 3 years. I've learnt to use all the things been issued. The only things I've got that are gucci is my metal mug, a bivvi pole and a folding roll mat (oxymoron?).

    Trust me, I'm not going gucci just for the sake of gucci.
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Erm, I'd avoid them - when I was in cadets we had loads in stores, but they were never used; as they were shit.

    Rocket pouches are good, but i broke all the bottom clips on mine somehow and the Q wont swap them! So I just use this old arktis sack I got off ebay - its basic as it only has the main body - there are no extra pockets or zips which is a draw back but there ya go.

    I'd keep the bergan anyways, after all there's always more stuff you could be dicked to carry! Like your section ICs command kit, and radios, and CWS, and extra bullets, and water, and extra rations... Also, you can always ditch bergans and grab daysacks, irritating if your daysack doubles as your bergan...!
  7. Well now that you put it like that i'll eat my hat. All them weekends have made you the Dogs under carriage and you are now fully fluent with issue kit. Fly high and fast young sky walker.

    I mean i assume you will go on to join the real armed forces one day and may want to still be used to issue kit. You cant tip up for training in Lowas and with a dutch daysack you know.

    Use your coupon. If you need a doss bag... You take a bergan. If you really feel the need to look less gay (Needing a doss bag for 24 hours is gay) Then whack the side pouches away inside it. Hey presto: A large day sack!
  8. Sorry, didn't mean it like that. Just meant that if I do take a bergan, knowing me I will want to fill it fully, so a daysack is probably a better idea. The doss bag is only really for H+S reasons, we aren't allowed out for 24+hour excercises without them. And a new daysack is cheaper than a softie sleeping bag which will fit in a sidepouch.
  9. Issued bergans tighten up at the sides to make em more compact with less kit in (unless you got the suitcase kak),
    dont have to be used with rocket pouches
  10. err am i missing something here but why not get the issue patrol sack??
  11. He's a cadet. Would cost him an arm and a leg. Unless he blags one off someone serving and coughs up the money for a replacement.
  12. You can buy them 2nd hand from any army surplus shops or get other makes/types which are not as expsensive. ie www.dragonsupplies.co.uk (mail order)