Dutch Confirm Afghan Exit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by REMFQuestions, Feb 21, 2010.

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  1. More here...

    They leave in August.
    NATO spokesman says they will stand the gap.
    Oruzgan projects will be left unfinished.
  2. I'm sure our NATO allies will take up the slack without going begging to the Yanks.

    Or maybe not :?
  3. Or more likely the Germans will follow suit..followed by the Italians....

    Ummm lads..isn't the North looking a little empty?
  4. Cloggies were always going to endex in Aug 2010, it's been on the cards for months.

    As such, put the outrage bus back in the garage and get over yourself.
  5. In fact the original intention was to remove troops in 2008, but as no other NATO country would come up with troops to fill the gap this would create they have managed to get to stay until 2010.
  6. What is the likelihood of other nations following their example?
  7. Outrage bus? What fvcking thread you reading you tw@t? I only linked to the story. If I am getting over anything it is prob your old lady.
  8. So much on the cards that it broke the Government coalition - so not that much on the cards then.
  9. Oh, sorry, my mistake. Thanks for sharing bone news with us. Just what the site needs on a Sunday.

    My old lady said she gave you a charity shag and that you hardley touched the sides. She did think it 'sweet' that you cried afterwards and wanted to cuddle...
  10. Taken from the link:

    "In October, the Dutch parliament voted that the deployment must definitely end by August 2010. "

    So, yes, actually on the cards since October 2009, or around 4 to 5 months.

    Nice try, close, but no cigar.
  11. Taken from the link - the bit after the quote above - the bit you left out to prove your point 8)

    "Mr Balkenende's government had not endorsed that vote, and the finance minister and leader of the Labour Party, Wouter Bos, demanded an immediate ruling from the prime minister.

    When they failed to reach a compromise during marathon talks that continued into the early hours of Saturday, Labour said it was pulling out of the coalition."

    You are ashie or sven/whet and I claim my fiver. Tut tut - naughty boy:twisted:
  12. And actually talking to Cloggies in Theatre in late 2008 when they headed RC(S) the majority view was that there was not a major political appetite for the long term

    J2 apparently not to hot on HUMINT :wink:
  13. I did cry, it was after I noticed her HIV medicine on the bedside table. I wished I had of bagged up...but then my tears were nothing compared to the Bn's reaction when I told them! You have never seen a parade bomburst so quickly. Been through a few has she?

  14. Another nice try.

    The Dutch Government is a coalition government, fact.

    In October, the Dutch parliament voted that the deployment must definitely end by August 2010, fact.

    As one of the two largest parties in the Dutch Government had voted for the withdrawl in October, this withdrawl was always going to happen, fact.

    As one of the largest two parties in the Dutch coalition Government would not support the Dutch PMs idea to keep a smaller number of Dutch troops in AFG, the Dutch Cabinet collapsed, fact.

    So nothing changes, the original decision to pull Dutch Troops has been on the cards for months as the second biggest coalition partner in the Dutch government voted for them to be pulled out then and will not change their position on it, fact.

    If you got out of your bath chair more and kept abreast of this things you would have known this showdown was on the cards since Octobers's parliamentry vote on the issue, fact!

    Keep trying, you're in your own time.

  15. You must be so proud of yourself to have got a nomination in the 'Cocks and Knobbers' thread within days of joining:

    Yours etc.

    Fcuk off and die.