Dutch CGS at TEDxAmsterdam

Thanks MSR. A superb talk by the Dutch CGS.

I particularly liked the point he made that the military are instruments of the political will.
A very thoughtful and insightful speech.
I know I am getting on a bit, but I am damn sure we have seen this before - on this forum !!

However, well worth repeating for those who may not have seen it the first time :)
Far be it for me as a retired Sgt to pick a General officer, but was that not a rifle, rather than a gun? Perhaps it was for the audience
The word "rifle" would have spoiled the effect of bringing the weapon stage in the first place since the meaning is lost on many Dutch civilians. That's probably why he used the word 'gun'. To get their immediate attention in case the massive canon in his hand was overlooked :)
Live in Tulipcountry and the Man had made a great impression with this speech. The Dutch aren't very warlike (but they do very well considering) but he done 'good'.

Lost his son in Afganistan (1 or 2 days after being appointed as CinC FFS!) but kept on going.

Good bloke, brave man but I wish he would have used a SLR.


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