Dutch Bergan

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tartan_Terrier, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. Anyone seen these before? Seemingly made by Lowe Alpine.


    I was in the shop in the link this week, and had a look at them. I thought that apart from the groovy DPM webbing straps they looked pretty good.
    Any opinions?

  2. I can't read Dutch. It looks pretty much like the standard issue bergan. Did you notice any differences when you were in the shop?
  3. yeah it looks like the Lowe Alpine one to me,but they only do theirs in OG.Did it have the floating lid and adjustable yoke ladder on the back for the shoulder straps ?

    looks like a good price as well although as said side pouches look abit shite !
  4. There are a few obvious differences. The large zipped opening at the bottom is a major improvement on PLCE in my opinion, but despite what the website says it's definitely smaller than 110 litres.
  5. Apparently a: Lowe Sting/ Stingray 55+20 - 75l according to the comment below.
  6. Dutch?? :? Mmmmmmm. What do you want to read Dutch for?
  7. Hi All

    That Bergin looks a lot like the new Irish one with the pouch in the bottom for the sleeping system.
  8. Its a Lowe alpine Saracen.The same one we got over here in the PDF except the dutch were smart and kept the PALS webbing on the Bergan front.Our headshed in its infinite wisdom decided to bin them :roll:
  9. Click on the link. Mine came up in dutch lingo.
  10. Let me guess, you were never BAOR, right?
    That site is auf Deutsch :D
  11. Like the post above. Have you never been posted to Germany?
  12. The website ends in .de, which must be a clue ;)