Dutch Apache blown over in Ganistan

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by jonwilly, May 13, 2006.

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  1. http://www.flightglobal.com/Articles/2006/05/10/Navigation/197/206471/Pictures+Dutch+Boeing+AH-64D+Apache+'blown+over'+on+Day+Two+of+Afghan.html

    Flight has two photos of a Dutch Apache' blown over by a Il-86.
  2. Ooooppssiieee!!!!

    That is what tie downs were invented for surely?

    Can't wait to see the Dutch forces federation get the ground crew off that one, "it was not their job to secure the aircraft, their job descriptions are clearly laid down".
  3. Put your clogs on, push it back on its wheels and wind it up, she'll be right!!
  4. That what happens when 2 fat-boy pilots climb out at the same time............. :D
  5. Owch, expensive!!!
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: Nice one, Bagcharge. Or maybe they were loading the right hand weapons and it toppled... 8O
  7. Errr...not quite. Tie downs are to tie the blades down to stop them flapping about, not the aircraft flapping about.
  8. There goes my tax money again.. :(
  9. It would have been cheaper for them to hit The Red Light District in Amsterdam.

    No shortage of blow jobs there.
  10. Surely there is a way of tieing the heli down too? The navy tie aircraft down, surely the army can, what about in strong winds?
  11. The Navy tie them down because the airfield tends to roll about a bit. It's most unlikely that the wind will blow them over on land. Although it has happened to Pumas on occasion, but they are rather top heavy.
  12. The Scouts and Gazelles at Murray Heights FI were tied down as it got a bit breezy there. Especially when the Sea Kings kept hovering overhead asking if we wanted any more dead Scouts brought back to base. Remembering aborting a ground run with a Scout as the bloody thing started chasing me. There was never any threat of them blowing over, it was just where you might find them in the morning.
  13. MG want ta see a Photo and JC playing with his Chopper ?
  14. Go on then. :D
  15. Done in mi old photos thread.