Dusty Warriors - well recommended

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by OldRedCap, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. Just finished Dusty Warriors by Richard Holmes
    Extremely vivid and interesting factual account.
    I would say that this is a must for all of us aged old farts with no idea what today's Army is all about. Details the changes since "our days"
    Review from Amazon says it better than I can. Well worth the money - but then, all of his books are.

  2. Some of this was in the Sunday Telegraph last weekend - it looks good. I think I will be getting it
  3. It's on order.
  4. What has just soaked in a bit is how much this book differs from what I remember of the press reports of that time. I followed the well-merited VC of Pte Beharry here and in the papers - broad and tabloid. However, in the book there are a number of instances where things very very nearly went totally down the river. There were a number of very lucky troops out there and a great deal of bravery and attention to lessons from training. None of this came through in what would be available to "the general public"
    So - was there any formal down-playing as to how serious things did get? Were there insufficient press embedded or were they crap at reporting anything more serious than a Buck House garden party? Obviously, Brig Holmes as Colonel had good access and he is a damn good writer but his account gave me a much better idea of just what fine work was done out there than I gained from "the media".
    This selling short our troops - if that is what it is - did them no favours when it comes to the coverage given along lines of "troops run riot" etc.
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    My copy arrived Friday and I will get down to it seriously tonight, but if the book is as honest and open as Holmes introduction then it should be a great read. He admits to writing as an historian but that he is not following the usual historians way in that he is only giving one side of the story and that from a small group within that one side.

    Flicking through the pics (plenty in colour plate and B&W) there seems to be a certain WO2 who likes having his photo took!!! I will wait to see if that is justified as I get further into the book :wink:

    Still, looking forward to reading something which shows what a good British battalion can and does do.
  6. Just ordered two from Richard Holmes, 'Sahib' & 'Dusty Warriors'. My father read both and said that they were a 'must read' ASAP. 8)
  7. The book is written very well and uses a lot of peoples personal accounts of what went on.
    It is a totally truthful picture of what went on during Telic 4 within 1 PWRR and other unit / capbadges that were attached to them.
  8. Picked my copy up from Waterstones on Saturday.
  9. Just finished reading it the other day.
    With regards to the press during Telic 4 they only seemed to report when someone was killed. Im not really sure if this was because of the higher powers "down playing" the situation on the ground or not? as it was suppost to be a quite time in the build up to the power being handed back to the intrim Iraqi government.
    The media coverage only really caught on towards the end of the tour during the second major uprising/the capture and release of the british reporter/ ken Bigleys death and the movements of the Blackwatch going to Camp Dogwood.
    It was a good account and hopefully an eye opener to the general public, although it was very much seen only through the eyes of PWRR, which was explained by Brig Holmes and understandable, but a mention for the other soldiers who lost their lives and were injured during this tour wouldnt have gone a miss.
  10. Take2, Homes wrote an account of 1 PWRR's experiences on TELIC4, not the whole deployment. Bit of a cheap shot to take him to task for concentrating on his subject!

    A hell of a book, by the way. Should be made compulsory reading for all politicos.
  11. My copy arrived this afternoon from Amazon. That's Easter taken care of, then..
  12. have just orded Dusty Warriors
    cant wait
  13. Just ordered it myself, heard of it via Universal Soldier and bought it on the spot - it's waiting for me at the Post Office! Can't wait :)
  14. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Bought it this morning, just finished it - a good read. Very well structured for the 'ignorant' civvy reader (with plenty of explanation of terminology, ethos, etc.) and soldier alike. Necessarily parochial, but will strike a chord for many. Ditto what Themanwho said: Tony and pals - read and understand.
  15. Who are you "rain man?"