Dusty Warriors: Modern Soldiers at War

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Duke_of_Edinburgh, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. IMHO Richard Holmes is one of the best military historians writing to day. He's previous books "Tommy" and "Redcoat" get consistently high reviews on Amazon and in weightier journals. He's now written a new book Dusty Warriors about 1PWRR BG during Telic 4. The synopsis on Amazon sadly has some obvious mistakes, but it gives you a hint of what will be covered.


    “In this remarkable book, Richard Holmes draws on the testimonies of the 700 soldiers of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment to capture in vivid detail the average soldier's day-to-day experience of war.”

    Due for release on the 3rd April, has anyone seen a copy?


    I also recommend one of his earlier books "Acts of War: The Behaviour of Men in Battle". Slightly dated now (interviews with veterans up to the Falklands) but the points it makes are still relevant today.
  2. Also "Sahib" about actions in India and Afghanistan. Hope the warry Afghan has calmed down a bit
  3. Have a well-thumbed copy of Redcoat.. excellent read, chock full of gems and nuggets on Brit Mil history..If his other books are anywhere similar then they are well worth the cash...
  4. My copy of Dusty Warriors arrived today, though I'm not allowed to start reading it til tomorrow when my wife's at work. I probably won't speak to anyone for two or three days while I read it then I'll let you know what it's like.
  5. There is a "newer" edition (2003) of "Acts of War" out now, which I purchased recently for €13.10. I say "newer" because the main body is the same but there is a new introduction.

    And yes, it is a good book.
  6. I bought a copy last Saturday & started it today. It's really good. He makes no apology for loving his troops (he's the regimental colonel of PWRR), nor for blurring history & reportage. What results (on the basis of the first 80 pages) is a first class book, bringing history, sharp characterisation, pertinent information, humour & occasionally emotion into the book.

    As he says (& I quote)

    "The real hero of my tale is, of course, the British private soldier. If I can begin to persuade you how good he is, how durable and enduring, then wedging the writing of the book into a diary that already seemed full will have been well worth it."

    Top Stuff !
  7. Took me two days to read mine,it's a cracking book imho.
  8. Heard him speak on JDSC - as excellent a speaker on stage as on TV. Came across as a top bloke.
    I'd love to know how fits in the time to get the books written on top of everything else!
  9. Finished mine in a week. Not much work got done, Excellent read!!!!
  10. "My addiction started off innocently enough. I.....I just started reading the first few pages of Redcoat. Then I lost control...reading....for hours...A quick "bed time read" would see the night turn to day....I'd walk around in a daze with dark rings under my eyes in a near comatose state in daylight hours. All I'd think about would be the next occasion that I could get myself to a quite secluded place to get my next fix of quality military history literature. Things went from bad to worse......Dusty Warriors arrived from Amazon who had become my main supplier. Friends and family have tried to intervene....I'd just mutter " You wouldn't understand, now p*ss off and let me finish this chapter". I finished both books in six days. I've just ordered Sahib and Tommy from Amazon. I don't know when this will end."
  11. I flicked through a copy of Dusty Warriors in a book shop in Camberley looking in the index for an incident that I was involved in, found it and it seems to have been slightly 'enhanced' from the actual occurance.
    Didnt look too bad a book though.
  12. Just finished it..........

    Excellent read, honest, hard hitting and at times quite amusing.

    "Get yer sidies up"
  13. Started reading Tommy on sunday night,more than halfway through it only work seems to be getting in the way :roll:
  14. I have just read the book for the second time and am humbled by the frank and accurate accounts of soldiers on the ground. A mixed bag of feelings, emotions and fear made the book one hell of a read.
    I was totally captivated.

    Well done richard Holmes, looking forward to reading Sahib.

  15. Get hold of his book on FM French. The Army he describes was going through exactly what seems to be happening now. The valour and sacrifice of the squaddy is well described as well.