DUST514 & Eve Online

Having re-activated my Eve Online account after 4 years away (they gave me 5 free days to try it out again so I took them) I came across references to DUST514.

Looks like an FPS on Xbox or PS3 linked somehow to Eve, if they get it working as planned it looks like it will be a pretty impressive setup. Supposedly a release date sometime this year!!

Anyway just wondering if anyone one else has been looking at this or Eve in general? I'm getting bored so might restart my subscription to Eve but would like some current gen on how it's running.

I had a quick run through 0.0 on the weekend. I have 2 jump clones and lots of kit in stations in 0.0, which I now don't have any rights in...can't sell the stuff, can reprocess it to ore...bit annoying.

Took a ship from one base and tried to make it back to high sec...got ganked about halfway through...but was fun.

Thanks for the info, I was never a fan of big fleet stuff...but used to do it...much more of a fan of small gank squads..;)
**** me! I'ts a whole different language!!! :biggrin:
Thanks for the info, I was never a fan of big fleet stuff...but used to do it...much more of a fan of small gank squads..;)
I been playing (on and off) for 5-6 years and couldn't agree with you more, I used to fly in BoB fleets and it was a total nightmare, just a massive lag fest and no fun at all.

Been doing the small fleet stuff for the last couple of years, pirating (down to -10 and back up a couple of times), 0.0, low sec, empire wars, mercing, far more fun. There was only about 6-8 of us in our Corp and we regularly took on alliances as merc contracts and most of the time came out on top, even to the extent of taking on fleets of 20+ against 3 of us and still coming out ontop. Fighting vastly superior numbers and winning, now thats where the fun is.

CCPs flagship game has never, truly, 'worked' so why should it be any different now haha. As soon as they fix one thing something else falls over, its the way of Eve.

Dust514 is an interesting concept, at one point they were even looking at further integration between the two so Eve players could do orbital bombardments on the console FPS players fighting for the planets, no idea how far it went!

Ive dropped my sub now though, haven't played for a couple of months, although it was fun it was becoming far too repetitive. Ill almost undoubtedly come back at some point, ive taken breaks twice before, but not at the moment.
I can clone jump there, but no-one is buying...not even at half region average....would love to reprocess and sll ore then try and make a dash with the command ship...but can't do that either.

trying to find a corp down there to take me on.

Anyway bit of fun.

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