During the cold snap,

"The catering school student was charged with causing a traffic accident resulting in death and leaving the scene of an accident."

Rubbish! She took the accident with her :twisted:


Book Reviewer
vvaannmmaann said:
The_Snail said:
In almost 2 years on here, after numerous reminders, you still haven't fathomed out that you are meant to post your tripe in All Internet Links in Here. Have you?
So everyone else who does this is immune from this rule except me?
Are you now a covert Mod?
No, she's bored.

But she is right though! :wink:
Ah Legs,at last someone with some sense.

Is she suggesting that instead of adding a direct link,that if it is changed to the word "linky",(or similar) and that that turns blue,then she wouldn't get het knicers in a twist?

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