during phase 2

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by signals, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. if there is nothing going on in camp that im involved in, will i be able to go home for weekends? ive heard that for under 18s blandford can be strict on curfews and stuff and inform parents about whatever is going on quite regularly, so will blandford inform my parents if i want a weekend pass and things? thanks a lot
  2. You're only under curfew if you're on camp. If you've signed out to go home (or anywhere else) for the weekend then you can go home for the weekend. Your parents won't be informed where you're going on your weekends.
  3. thanks for the advice, i gathered they wernt into underage drinking and stuff on my visit down there
  4. Is it like that at ATR Lichfield as well.
  5. If it hasn't changed too much from when I was there 2 years ago, then you won't have any drink - you will be too busy at the weekends, esp for the first 6 weeks. Besides, we were not allowed out at weekends. On week 6 leave ( providing you pass your drill test! ) at the weekend you can go home and impress your mates down the local with your war stories on excercise in Beckingham!!...Try not to take the "short cut" back from the Spar! Trust me, people are watching!

    All in all, looking back, it was good fun. Best of luck mate.
  6. Cheers for that. Can't wait to get up there and get started. Is the course up there the same for sigs and sappers?
  7. every recruit does the same basic training, if you pass your week 7 drill test then you can go home for your long weekend and when you return to camp depending on your training team and if they let you out you will be able to leave camp on saturday and sundayat half 12 and come back on for 5, also again depending on your troop staff you can have 2 pints i think it is in the NAAFI bar but only if your over 18 oh and theres no drinking out of camp if you go out on a weekend, so yer enjoy lichfield
  8. You lunatics don't listen to a word you are told.
    That A5 booklet (The one with the joining instructions in!), that has all the information you need.
    The Alcohol policy is black and white. - Again booklet refers.
    On your visit you were told all this information, mind you, you have slept since then.

    Lord, please help me....
  9. Hmmm, let me guess....you are an instructor at Blandford aren't you?? Or are you a purple helmet??

    You are obviously the helpful type. Give the kid a break - he was simply asking a question, for which he has now received some good helpful advice.

    There are too many of your kind in the Corps - go find a bit of humility
  10. Any idea when that started? I don't remember it happening when I was on my T3 or when I was doing Gd Comds on my T1. Is it a recent thing or did I just not read Guard Orders closely enough (or, in fact, at all)?