Durchy. The man, the myth, the truth

Discussion in 'Poetry Corner' started by sfub, Jan 8, 2010.

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  1. Durchy, purveyor of sh1te poetry, and father to an estranged child....

    .... is Wedge35.

    The man is a Wah god. :D
  2. Pukka int? 8O :D
  3. 99.9% sure....
  4. Thanks sfub - pity that in real life I am sat at home drinking tesco value spanish sh1te, listening to 'The Best Around' from the Karate Kid on youtube and dreaming that sometime soon smudge67 will come and sweep me off my feet...
  5. Is that you in the pic wedge? That kid looks like a lad I went to school with...
  6. Like I said, two mega wahs in one week....
  7. hope it is true, it makes my sig worth that much more
  8. No, I look like a cross between Martin Clunes and Lady Macbeth. My avatar is a Colombian gay porn star. I wish I'd gone to your school.
  9. Erm, probably not, homosexuals or anyone displaying tendencies were filled in PDQ. Then again, it was in the heathen highland hills..
  10. You went to High School in Auchterarder??

    You have my deepest sympathy.
  11. not a million miles away...
  12. Hahahaa I know the area, or used to. :D
  13. I shall start with the Immortal words

    "ho ho ho green giant"

    Durchy that is Wedge Three Five
    has been telling porky Pies
    about Some Cnut who writeth Prose
    A Greenjacket that no one knows

    A Drinker of Stella and walker of Pickles
    The members of ARRSE their humour he tickled
    Assaulted their minds with words so pathetic
    No trace be there here of Poetic Ethic

    Now the Secret is out and we have been Wahhh`d
    By a fella called Durchy, who is F*ckin well àrd
    ho,ho,ho green Giant
  14. Come back Durchy..... all is forgiven! :clap:
  15. He's dead. He topped himself when you took the p1ss out of his son.