Duplex Ultrasound Results


I've received some Duplex Ultrasound results back and I was wondering could someone decipher (in laymen's terms) what it essentially means?

CFV - appears patent and compressible with phasic flow

Bifid SFV imaged - small medial branch appears patent and compresisble with good augmentation, there is evidence of old disease along the mid distal large medial SFV branch - with reflux noted.

There is evidence of old disease along the PV with reflux noted

There is evidence of old disease along the PT with reflux noted, there is also evidence of old disease with reflux noted along the peroneal veins - only one peronal vein noted distally?

Result: flow patterns are suggestive of old disease, however technically impossible to rule out a small fresh thrombus on old disease

Will rescan if symptoms persist. (I'm being rescanned on friday!)

Could someone tell me what this all means?

Any advise appreciated.
Post again or PM me if you still have queries after Herr Doktor's input.

Many Thanks for the assistance. It helped yesterday with my Medical Board. I've been downgraded to P7 with limited duties and advised to seek help with the SPVA from the RBL.
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