Put this application on my phone a while ago, thought it was just going to be another gimmicky short lived thing that I would uninstall rapidly. However, I am finding it has a quite phenomenal capacity and approach. Perhaps more useful for those with rudimentary ability already, but most certainly good enough to give a young Tom in Germany the linguistic skills to order a beer and trap off!
The more I play with it the more I recall being back in the Education centre at Alanbrooke!

Excellent resource 7 out of 10 on the drunken linguisticly challenged squaddie scale.

Edit: Dear Mod, the word education caused me to stick it here, if there is a better place, please move it along.
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Yep. I like that it grades your spoken phrases too. Good confidence builder.


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Ditto...wotesaid....handy gadgy thobut.....three Mr Potatoheids
I prefer 50languages, but I am a complete beginner on every one of the languages i've looked at so far, and I'm using the free versions, 'cos I'm tighter than a ducks Arrse.


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I've downloaded it a couple of years ago to deal with my then Italian GF's fam, and actually found it fun to use. It's almost like a game which you can play with while commuting on the tube etc.


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My sister gave me an Amazon Fire thing for Christmas and this is the only app I use on it, in fact I just passed the 200 Days in a Row mark.

Och varför är mina byxor så smutsiga?


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Seconded, or Eleventhed, or whatever.

It is definitely the best of the language apps I've tried, only shame is that it still mostly covers European languages. The learning approach is really good - particularly like that it basically just lets you work out the rules rather than try and teach you them, exactly like we all learned a language the first time around.

I couldn't do Engrish at all until I got it.

(I can also confirm that it is actually practically useful, being stranded among many sharpened mango types from the Continent who have failed to adapt to the clear dominance of the English dialect, I found I suddenly understood their strange boogo boogo phrases in conversation and had - halting - replys spring readily to my lips)


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Où se trouve le centre d'information touristique.

Quatre pommes de terre sur cinq.


Sadly it only offers the option of brazilian portugese. The locals in the Algarve reckon my accent makes me sound like a yokel. Still a great way to learn though.

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