Dunno what to say

Most of that went over my head...

.. the rest I had to duck!
Air Chief Marshal Houston said weapons security procedures were being toughened further in the wake of audits of defence weapons storage practices.
So somebody is nicking kit.

"I am confident that we do not have a systemic problem with a large number of people involved in stealing weapons and selling them on the black market. I'm totally confident we don't have a major problem," he told reporters.
But he's fcuked if he knows who.


A 63-year-old woman from Tahmoor, south of Sydney, was arrested but was later released pending further inquiries.
Obviously they are being wrongly accused, it was the old girl that done it! :p
They usually do.
Hallo jeder, bin ich aus zu Hartlepool gerecht, ein Paar explodierende Hose zu kaufen!


I think that it's brilliant that the journo used 'dobbed him in'

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