Discussion in 'Travel' started by flynavy, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. Going to Dunkirk for a week in september with work (staff ride) and as I have never been in this area, just wondered if there are places that fellow Arrsers can reccommend that i definitely should see/eat/drink stay etc.
  2. The beach..
  3. Yes thanks for that, kind of left myself open for that!
  4. If you want to do the 1940 thing, start off in the town of Cassell which is SE of Dunkirk
    Here the British held up the Germans and inflicted heavy casualties. The town sits on one of the few hills in the area and was the HQ of the french army in WW1. From the top of the hill on a clear day you can see for miles around and see Dunkirk in the distance. Eurostar also runs past the town if your also into train porn. Hotel Foch in the main square, cracking Food! Several small plaques commerating various British units who defended the town. After driving down the hill and joining the road to Dunkirk you soon come to a concrete blockhouse on the left which was heroically held by a single Brit platoon. After that, Wormhoubt where the SS murdered most of the PoW's they captured, memorial park just outside the village. The walled town of Bergues where the retreating British blocked the gates with a bulldozer before continuing the fighting withdrawal to the Dunkirk.