Dunkirk Evacuation Medal

Hello All,
Can you help? My father was evacuated from Dunkirk with the B.E.F. (Royal Artillery) in 1940. I now have his Dunkirk Medal.
I would love to display it, with the citation, but it disappeared years ago, due to family split.
Does anyone know where I could get a copy, please? Even a photostat would do.
Thanks for your kind help and attention.
see; Dunkirk Medal | Veterans Evacuation of Dunkirk Medal 1940

according to an early 1970s edition of military modelling magasine,under a heading"do you qualify for these medals"in which the then new EEC permitted certain foreign commemorative medals to be given free of charge to the veteran as long as he could prove he was there,the Dunkirk Medal was allowed for British veterans from 1974 onwards,and came with a certificate from the grateful people of Dunkirk. The medal was not named but the cert was . the criteria for the award was to have taken part in the operation either as part of the naval task force or as one of the troops who were evacuated from the Dunkirk beach itself, and because its a commemorative rather than an actual war medal,and the veteran had to apply for it himself,it is not known how many were awarded.

They were issued through the Dunkirk Veterans Association;

Any enquiries regarding the DVA should be addressed to;
Mrs Kathleen C Norcliffe,
14, Meadow View,

She may be able to help.
Can't find a copy of the citation on-line, but found this

BBC - WW2 People's War - Beachcombing in Peterhead

As the medals mentioned in the article have been put into the Gordon Highlanders Museum, they may have a copy of the citation there, I am assuming, of course, that the citation was a generic one, covering the issue of all Dunkirk Medals.

Here is a linky to the museum, a quick phone call or e-mail from you may gain results.

The Gordon Highlanders Museum, Aberdeen
Thank you for troubling to reply. I'll try the contacts you have suggested. I know the certificate had my dad's name in the middle, but I'd be quite happy to scan another one and replace the name. It's the medal itself which is the really precious bit, in my view. Thanks again

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