Dundee City Council Ignore Invalided Soldier

I'll second that. Yet another example of the disgraceful treatment our injured servicemen and women receive. Another ARRSE campaign is needed.
Downright frustrating to read something like that... what can be done to apply pressure on the beaurocrap politicians to force 'em to address this soldier's issues?
Sounds like this man has been a tax dodger in his time.

I suggest he kicks the girl in touch, has a sex change, moves to another country for a while, loses his passport and then waltzes straight back in to the country.

Put on a funny accent though when picked up by immigration.

Job Jobbed.
I wonder if he has been in touch with the RBL and SSAFA own Regt Association as they could possibly put a bit of weight behind his cause aswell and maybe get some disability improvements. Distgusting behaviour
No 10 said:
rights of war pensioners are protected by legislation including access to an independent appeals process.

... We do not believe our war pensioners are getting second class medical care from the NHS. War pensioners are entitled to priority NHS treatment and to free prescriptions for illness or injuries accepted as due to service.
This case would seem to give the lie to the above statement.

The priority refers only to hospital referrals (as I understand from a long conversation with the VA), however there is no onus on GP's to refer a war pensioner to a consultant for treatment and the VA have no power to enforce these 'legislated rights'.
Doesnt suprise me when i was based 45 cdo they treated thier yocals like shoite not giving a hoot
The_IRON said:
I wonder if he has been in touch with the RBL and SSAFA own Regt Association as they could possibly put a bit of weight behind his cause aswell and maybe get some disability improvements. Distgusting behaviour
In a way the RBL/ABF are victims of their own sucess in this regard. I was sat next to the ABF's chief fundraiser at the Curry Lunch launch in April and she told me that most local authorities are cash-strapped and so instead of meeting their statutory obligations regarding former service personnel will palm them off to the service charities instead. They know full well that in cases like this if they leave the former serviceman suffering long enough that the charities will feel opbliged to step in, it's an almost routine and certainly cynical ploy to the extent that in some authorities the first thing they ask you is if you have ever served, and if you have they will drop you to the bottom of the pile and tell you to get in touch with the ABF or the RBL as they can/will do nothing to help as money is available eslewhere and council money is needed for people without access to service charities.

It is an absolute disgrace, made worse by the institutional bias against the forces by the left wing authorities dominated by Labour and the Lib Dems.

All councils are the same no matter what part of the country you come from whether you are a soldier or civvy with disabilities and unseen disabilities .
They do nothing to help you the more younger you are the more they expect you to prove what is wrong with you .even though they have the documents in front of them .
they make you go through humiliating trauma just trying to explain things to them .

there should be more laws brought in to this country to protect people like this young soldier that's all he wants is to have some kind of quality of life.

instead you have pen pushers behind a desk making decisions that they think they know what is best for you when they dont even have a clue .

Dundee city council should be totally ashamed of themselves the way they have treated this young lad and his family with disrespect
He fought for queen and country and now our country dont want to help him .

So if our government is reading this please sort this problem out for this young lad his family and all the people in this kind of situation .
Good luck fella, hope you get sorted soon.

165th on the list, god only knows what dregs are in front of him.
It makes me sick to think Men like him are just dumped by the MOD,& the council need a real kick up the backside.
Bless him he is probably the wrong race & colour to be put at the top of the waiting list. Like most councils now. I'm having a similar prob.
How can the Army/ hospital let him live like this, he really needs to get the Adult social services involved as they will asses him & fight the council to for his family to be rehoused.



Just as well he wasn't living in the Aberdeen City Council area. They want to spend their money on tights for whores.
MattyGC's case (among others) has attracted legitimate interest from The Independent On Sunday, who are now looking to talk to wounded/injured soldiers (+ ex soldiers), Reg or TA, and their families, about their treatment on return from Iraq/Afg, inc those treated at Selly Oak and Headley Ct.

Subject has a thread of its own.

If you are or know of guys/gals in this boat, and who want to go public - here's where to look. Any BAFF/Legion types looking in might want to make contact with the Indy, if they feel strongly about this issue.


If there are other threads where this might reasonably be publicised - pse do so.



I'm writing to the Dundee Eveing Telegraph to thank them for bringing this to the attention of the public. No point in writing to any council as it won't get the audience it deserves. I'll get a mention in for the necessity for organistaions like BAFF. Hopefully they won't edit it too much.
This is shocking, the councils house people who have already been flagged up for deportation. They give houses to teenages as soon as they have a child, yet the policy towards ex-servicemen who are retire due to medical grounds is shameful.

Maybe the coulcils need to grow up and start helping these guys first.

Why should a bunch of people who are to be deported be given a higher priority that ex-service people.

If he was black,Asian, Eastern Europeen, Gay, Transgendered he would be in a freeking mansion by now with a staff of social workers.

Absolute shame.

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