Duncans of Scotland?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FARMBOY, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. Sadly the rat packs no longer contain the weird choc known and loved by many as "Duncans of Scotland"

    Again Rather sadly (of a Friday evening) I've started wondering what has happened to Duncans of Scotland - did anyone other than the MOD actually buy their chocolate?
  2. They went up martket apparently. LINK
  3. Thanks for the link! I wonder if they still do their MOD everlasting bar - complete with mouldy white coating after a few months in the Bergen? I will be placing my order online!

    Now does anyone know who made the "Rolled Oats" :evil:
  4. If anyone can get a supply of Rolled Oats I'll place an order, still the finest food known to God or Man, I suspect though that I will not again be in the best position to enjoy them. Dining from a ratpack sachet would be frowned upon in my household. Perhaps I could dig a hole in the garden and wait for a rainy day.
  5. Not so much 'upmarket' more like 'same shit, different packaging'.
    Stuff was minging in the rat packs and is still minging now. I had the misfortune to be bought some a while back and it was crap.
    Tasted like the cooking chocolate that I used to eat during cookery classes at school.
  6. I've often wondered if you mixed those instant porridge sachets with powdered milk would you almost get the "rolled oats" experience. It was indeed food of the Gods - there must be some hidden in the stores somewhere.
  7. The old rolled oats were pinhead oatmeal and far sweeter than normal rolled oats IIRC.

    The Army buys quaker oats these days. Not the same unfortunately but good for porridge.

    Duncan's choc wasn't that great.

    I remember being given a bar of foil wrapped vacuum packed chocolate (not Duncan's) from "MOD stock" in 1987. It's packing date was 1967 and apart from the white spots (the fat rising to the top) it was excellent.

    Bring back the tinned Goulash as well.