Duncan Smith suggests Child benefit should be restricted to two

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tricky1982, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. A die hard labour voting Tory hating chap I know posted this up on his Facebook earlier and has really got himself in a twist over it, his fiance has a child from a previous relationship, and he is arguing that its not right that if they want to have more than one more child together he won't get child benefit for their second one if this rule comes in because she already has a child. He's also spouting that the Tories have no right to decide how many children he should have, which isn't what is being suggested, all they're saying is the governments financial obligation should stop after two. Sorry for the Wail link, couldn't find the story elsewhere.

    Iain Duncan Smith: Families who have more than two children will lose benefits as ministers claim Labour's welfare state promoted 'destructive' behaviour | Mail Online
  2. I see no problem really. If you can't afford more than two childern WITHOUT Government benefits then a)why are you having another child and b)why am I paying for your life style choices..?
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  3. I'd stop it altogether.
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  4. This. And stop the automatic right to council housing for pregnant chav slappers. If their mothers think that they will have to put up with a screaming bastard, then maybe they'll keep a close eye on the activities of their offspring babyfarms.
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  5. Me too, if you want spogs save up to have them
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  6. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Hopefully this is just the start. Child benefit for 2 children is £100 a month - hardly a massive incentive to breed. The main incentive seems to be all the other associated benefits and expectations on housing and allowances.
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  7. I hope when your 65 or get your oap they tell you you have to work or have your pension cut .Which is been banded about now by some lord twit (or should i say twat) .Destructive behaviour what a load of bollocks ..But i do hold some truck about having kids just to get money it does want looking into .Should not be handed out willy nilly
  8. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    There was at one time an 'arms race' for votes by the two main parties. If one offered an expansion of benefits, the other felt they had to reciprocate. So the benefits system became bloated out of control and became an entitlement rather than a safety net.

    Labour under Gordon (no boom or bust) Brown took this to new heights when he tried to create a sufficiently large client state that Labour would always have a large electoral advantage. The conservatives have now found there is strong support for cutting the benefits system back to a safety net.

    There will be much squealing and outrage from the professionally unemployed and the multitude of 'charities' that get the bulk of their funds from the government as part of the benefits culture. But - because this is a vote winner - I suspect the conservative will continue to remove benefits so that the chav and chavette lifestyle on the dole becomes significantly less attractive.

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  9. What brand of glue are you sniffing?
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  10. There was an interesting post on here a little while ago. It linked to an article written by a consultant obstetrician who described one of his patients. She was a woman in her late twenties who was having her eighth baby.

    Every time she had another kid, she told social services that she couldn't cope. Then, her mother or one of her sisters stepped in and offered to adopt the baby. IIRC, each "adoption" comes with up to £700 in payments each month. The doctor's patient is running a business inside the welfare system. She openly refers to herself as the family's main breadwinner.

    Take a leaf out of the American's book. In many states, women are required to have long term contraceptive implants if they claim child support benefits. Once they start claiming, usually after the first kid, they don't have any more kids that they can't afford. Best for mum and for everybody else.
  11. I have no problem with a tax allowance for each child scaling downwards for each child over the second child to nil for 4 or more childern if in work or child benefits for up to 2 childern and no more.

    Worked out right a tax allowance could put low paid workers completely out of paying tax...

    And be cheaper to run than the farical Tax credit scheme....
  12. When our old friend Gordon of Broon introduced child tax credits etc, the professionally feral classes, who are by and large rather good at maths and woprking out the minutae of benefits legislation, quickly figured that 5 was the magic number and started breeding at a prodigious rate.
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  13. I don't think that can be right old chap, fostering pays but I don't think you get anything for adopting.
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  14. That working tax credit was great too, recall nursing assistants who wanted all the overtime they could get except when it came time to claim and they'd just do basic hours for how ever long. I just gave extra work to other people when I did the rota.
  15. I was at a child protection meeting last year, the social workers were helping a 16yr old to get a house and furniture, despite her living in her parents council house and it had enough bedrooms for the baby when she delivered it. What is that all about?
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