Duncan Bannatyne vows to hunt down and seriously hurt blackmailer

"A'm oot" Bannatyne discovered someone on Twitter pointing out that his daughter was a bit of a fox, and that in order to ensure that bad things did not happen to her, that payment would be appreciated.

In a surprisingly undiplomatic response, the ex-matelow immediately offered £25,000 for information leading to the arrest of the blackmailer, but with a bonus of a further £25,000 if said blackmailer's arms were broken first.

Daily Mash version: The Daily Mash - Bannatyne invests £250,000 in the Reggae-Reggae Arm-Breaker

Sadly he has since toned this down a bit (something about posting threats to physically hurt people not being very nice/illegal... pah) to a £30,000 reward for info leading to the arrest of the scrote threatening his daughter.

So, for any arrsers out there with a bit of time on their hands who are looking to earn a bit of extra cash...

(Maybe this should be posted in the "jobs" thread?)

**edited to add: there is also the possibility that DB's daughter would be so grateful that threat has been removed, she would be happy to do bad things to the knight in shining armour anyway. So: boffing Bannatyne's daughter and him paying you - win win.

It was Wonk-Mag. We all know his reputation for online harassment. Cash only please.
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