Dunblane paedo allegations refuse to go away

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. Sorry it's a scan & may take some time to load, but it's the best I can find (it's from the Mail on Sunday):


    This has been suspected by shooters for a long time (along with alledged masonic connections), and the unprecedented 100 year gagging order on the documents helped this suspicion somewhat. So, for members of the 60,000 - how does it feel to be screwed over to protect high-ranking paedophiles?
  2. It feels like I live in the United Kingdom....Where the rich and powerful hide behind the Official Secrets Act in order to...err, remain rich and powerful

    Other bits of the conspiracy:

    Was Hamilton's intention was to merely make a protest? He planned to take hostages, but did he plan to kill anyone, or just get his Andy Warhol moment and 15 minutes of fame?

    He was seen leaving his house in his car and it was alleged he went directly to the QVS. (school) this journey take a little under 15 minutes, but he did not arrive at QVS until one hour after leaving his house? So where was he in that intervening time? What if he was visiting a senior local politician, police officer, such as DACC McMurdo, and threatening to name names?

    According to a conversation overheard in the Scottish Office, Hamilton's body had 17 bullet wounds, from up to 3 different calibres/bullet types. The official version (Cullen) says he shot himself once (in the head) not 17 times!

    The gym, where the 'massacre' took place was demolished 3 days later. Not exactly preservation of the scene of crime to gather forensic evidence then. But what if the Gym's foensic evidence showed that the 'Polis' and not Hamilton had done most, if not all of the shooting?

    And what of the police radio call overheard by a member of the public at the time of the siege/massacre with the order 'take him out'? Was that DACC McMurdo?

    The whole edifice is crumbling away. The truth could be as horrific as the original tragedy. Heads will roll, but this time they will be the heads of those who well and truly deserve it.

    DACC McMurdo is dead now, I beleive? Didnt he retire after Cullen and the ensuing handgun ban, go to New Zealand and later top himself. (With a handgun, ironically) Couldnt do that here, as thanks to him, they all ahd to be handed in!
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    But if the truth comes out, will justice be served ?

    It would be nice to believe so...
  5. Astonishing. Quite what purpose the 100-year seal on evidence serves, I wonder.
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The excuse for the 100 year D-notice was, "to protect the feelings of the families."

    To which families this statement referred was not explained...
  7. And there was me thinking it was the Illuminati and the giant Lizards!
  8. Who was the MP for Dunblane at the time?
  9. I really must change the frequency on my tin-foil Napoleon hat.

    Mind you, odd things do tend to happen up there in the Land of Ice and Snow, don't they?

  10. Will justice be the reinstatement of hand guns for fire arms certificate holders??

    Will it Fcuk as like

  11. Bloody hell, this thread's been an education. I never knew there was any sort of "conspiracy" involved with this event.
  12. W of the W .. I thought it was the local primary school where this occurred .. not the QVS (which granted is in Dunblane but was not the scene of this tragedy).
  13. I was attending QVS at the time and can assure you it did not occur there, it was the primary school unfortunately.
  14. If there is substance to the cover-up theory, then the information will enter the public domain sooner rather than later. "They" couldn't even cover up the behind-the-scenes fiddling before Iraq!
  15. There's the 100 year moratorium on most of the documents - unless someone can be persuaded to leak some important ones, we won't find out until 2097.