Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Bootifull, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. How do you make yours?

    I'm of the atora beef suet and flour mix...is there a healthy option?
  2. I use butter, self raising flour and lukewarm water.
  3. You could try vegetarian suet, Boots, but why the fuck would you want to ??
  4. That's more a cobbler/scone mix
  5. There is also a dumpling mix you can buy, you just have to add water to it, then add to your stew to cook.
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  6. when making them for a venison casserole i use a wee bit of redcurrant jelly and a bit less water! always the beef suet tho, ive tried the veggie stuff but wouldnt say its any healthier........its still fat!
  7. Thats cheating!
    proper beef suet , SR flour , salt & pepper ..................yumm :hungry:

    Veggy suet is just wrong!
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  8. That may be, but with a bit of kneading and leaving to stand for ten minutes, they come out fluffy and light, and don`t sit so heavy in the stomach.
  9. Hey I didn't say I used it, just that you could buy it!! When I do make dumplings, I make it the way I was taught, atora beef suet, flour and water, also add herbs as well.
  10. Never used it myself, (not allowed to) o/m wont have it in the house.
  11. Neither could he if the truth be told, he's just anti-veggy. But its more than my lifes worth to be caught with it.
    ( I could hide the packet but with my luck he'd find it)
  12. Right! Mrs RCT(V) is habitually cooking "stews" (more like a thick soup really), which would benefit from dumplings, which I love. You've all emboldened me to have a go. Is there a recipe on the back of the Atora suet packet? It will save getting flour all over the keyboard!

    Out of interest, does anyone remember the rock hard dumplings they used to serve up in the school canteen?! How were they done? On trays in the oven, rather than in the stew?
  13. It'd make a change from brews... ;)
  14. Thanks "jarrod". Printed off, and will be nailed to the kitchen door! Cheers :D
  15. Excellent thread! Since being single again and having to fend fend myself, this forum has become a godsend and a change from butties. :D

    Any tips on making stock from scratch, for either a beef or pork stew?