Dumped Hobbly

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. I was delighted and overjoyed to see the jock hobbly booted from X factor this evening.

    I was begging via subbliminal message for that ugly blonde presenter to demand her stool back, chuck her on the floor and mock her for her legs not working.....

    Useless and faulty, broken people should not enter talent contests, the sympathy vote soon runs out and the public will just see her for what she is...... a spaz

  2. Hang on a minute, you actually watch that fcuking shiate?
  3. See that 'bloke' with the scarf Mr Don_Nut?


    That's you that is.
  4. Yes, I fancy the young lad with the fuzzy hair....... that was another subliminal message I was sending.

    Right now that wheelchair bound failure will be freewheeling her pursuit chair to her specially adapted changing room with lowered light switches and special ramps. She might aswell top herself, skintness and a disability allowance is all she has to look forward too.... she had a kid, but her other half just wanked into her clamped open cnut in order that she concieve.
  5. You know your so going to buy her first single!!!!
  6. M_D_N: All seconded bar one point
    You wouldn't? If I had my way she would look forward to a session involving stretched ears and torn arrsehole. Just my personal opinnion of course.
  7. MDN Im with you on this one!
    thats why they had a double eviction so the other one could push Ironside back up the ramp and outside back to the real world where they both will be special guests at pub beer garden/supermarket openings (providing disabled access is in place), so glad someone else thinks the same i got a proper rifting off the wife for saying you cant have a bird in a chariot win! public sympathy my arrse everyone knew she couldnt win but kept her in for a while to make themselves feel better! its a fix for instance that plick with the sideshow bob hair, fooked his singing up big time and as a result should have been fooked off he is crapo anyway.
    not even sure why i watch it, out of curiosity i suppose!


  8. Denial is a terrible thing, admit it, you really want to stretch cling film over her face, smear her with bovril and kick her back doors in.

    Or is that just me? :?
  9. You think that this program has anything to do with talent? Come on MDN, it's a freakshow for self obsessed wannabe's! The initial auditions might be worth a chuckle but the rest of it is a waste of air-time and electricity. Oh I get it, you're just trying to flush out the saddo's who watch it . . . . . arrse!
  10. i am unfortunately forced to watch this programme, my revenge was 3 hours of MOTO GP on Sunday but alas another story.

    i agree with MDN that "wrongly builts" should not enter these contests. Sympathy votes are inevitable.

    Anyone else agree that one geezer looks like "sideshow bob" off the simpsons??
  11. Chuffed to fcuk that the mechanised weegie didn't get wheelchair access to the final. Or at least I would be if I could be arrsed to watch such fcuking cack.

    No, it's Strictly Cum Dancing for me... I like my TV camp as a troop of boyscouts under canvas, with as many spangles , lycra and sequins as possible. None of your talentless nobodies warbling painfully in front of a bunch of sarcy "judges"; I prefer a cavalcade of top notch celebrities gracefully wafting around the ballroom whilst dressed like the pimp from a Dirty Harry movie. Well worth the licence fee.

    X factor? don't make me laugh.
  12. The missus told me that the raspery ripple used to be a porn actress, now I'm wondering is post or pre 4 wheel drive ?. Then again she's jockenese as well and a whiney weegie one to boot
  13. Excellent she must have made wheelchair erotica...... she was broken at fourteen
  14. .........And suspisciously like the Do-Bag's avatar.