Dumped for being too nice!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by G4commando, May 25, 2008.

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  1. OK I'm Slightly confused and p***ed off here, this is the excuse my now ex used to finish our 3 year relationship last night. What does she want me to do, be a b*****d to her, beat her. Can anyone help me make sense of this!!!!!!!
  2. Being to nice?! And you sure it wasn't meaning too shy or passive or something? Do you have her exact wording?
  3. It means she’s bored of you; has met and is shagging someone else.

    She feels ever so slightly guilty about it and to ease her own conscience, thinks it will help you if she suggests “you are too nice”. No doubt she also said “you deserve someone better than her”? She knows deep down that she is just patronising you but it doesn’t matter as it still soothes her conscience by dumping you in a self-deprecating manner.

    Well you did ask!
  4. Surprise her - snatch her from work one day in a van then do pervertd things to her in the back of a van. When finished remove balaclava and say look it's me I have changed.

  5. Agreed. Get yourself down town and bang some women. It wont be long before you meet someone else. Crack on with your own life and learn from the experiance.
  6. sound advice - i just split with my wife and she said i was the opposite being nasty all the time BUT everyone i spoke to said it was her and one night two weeks ago she invited me round for a chat and told me to do her dirty, told me to do it against her will etc - well if i that nasty how come i didnt want to - on flip side goin out with lads a pulling a minger for a quick one seems to have rerplaced her lol
  7. Going out and pulling a minger for a quick one?How nice!!

    Yes probably is bored with you and as met someone else,but maybe she is trying to let you down nicely.

    3 years is a long time and IF you are a nice guy and have not really done anything wrong then she is not going to want to hurt you any more than she as to.
  8. hey taboo - get same result but cheaper dont need to listen etc

  9. WTF - Something Im missing here Sarge?

    G4 - Ive asked a few of the chicks at work about this and they have said, maybe she wants you to be a bit more of a "bad boy". Not bad as in bum raping her or shagging all her mates, but just not being "too nice". Treat them mean and keep them keen was the phrase they used.

    Personally mate Id say get out with the lads, go on an 18-30 holiday, shag as many chicks as you can/want and just enjoy being single. Once she sees that your having the time of your life and not sitting in the house whinging and crying over her, she will soon realise what shes missing. Besides the grass is always greener.................... when she gets another boyfriend who kicks the shit out of her, cheats on her and isnt "nice" enough she will realise what shes lost.
  10. She's just a drama addict - the soap operas are no longer enough, so now she's got to do it for herself to get the same buzz, what with Ryan and Marrissa no more. Go shag her best friend, solves all problems, especially if she's good looking.
  11. spenny - just making a point - they can say your nasty or too nice and then change their feckin minds and want you to be what they have accused you of.
  12. Women like the bastards ... god knows why but they do



    My advice go out get yourself a root before you loose your nerve.

    Anyway thats what men usually do ...

    Women sort out a new partner before leaving the old one

    Men break your heart then 2 days later meet a girl in the pub and that's their furture wife

    I dont know how old you are but dont do anything that will make you look like or feel like a fool in front of her
  13. Got it in one, been there and heard the same. Then came the day I told the ex I couldn't stay for dinner after dropping the kids cos I was meeting "someone".

    She cried for days (she said). Moved on nicely and never looked back.
  14. IMO many women want whatever it is they don't happen to have. If you try to be attentive they will want more "space", give them that and you will be accused of ignoring their "needs". Work hard and make decent money and you will be staying away too much and putting work before her, stop doing that to spend more time and she will complain about the drop in money. Buy her gifts and she will claim you have a dirty conscience, don't and you have stopped apreciating her.

    Some people just find it impossible to be content and will always gripe-on and on and on. Forget her, just go out and enjoy yourself.

    BTW: Read this book. You will probably recognise a few "strategies" she has used.


    Many are certainly attracted to bastards. Then sometime after finding one end up on Jeremy Kyle or Jerry Springer.
  15. I'm afraid I agree. When she says you're too nice, she means you're boring and she's bored with you. She's moved on...... you need to do the same.