Dumped early

Saw a small piece in the Torygraph this morning, seems guys are being given their redundancy run out date days before their pension qualification becomes due, this leaves them spanner ends up till they reach age 68, is this normal or another money saving trick by HM Goonerment?
There was a letter in the Torygraph on Friday about an Officer who is out 86 days before his pension point at 15/16 years. Seems a little shabby & a bit more significant than missing the QDJM by a couple of days...
They did the same in 1975 before the new pension regs came in in April. Prior to that you had to do 22 or get nowt. From April 1975 they brought in the preserved pension which you get at 60 if you have done at least 3 years (originally 4) over 18 and left AFTER April 75. Loads of guys who were coming up for demob were offered an early discharge before March if they wanted to go by the various Orderly Rooms. Those that took it missed out on a preserved pension. Row still going on at pres.

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