Dump Pouch

Are people using them on Herrick for holding spent magazines and if so, what are people's opinions on which is worth buying?
I've got one on me webbing I find it useful. Just ask your self this when your wearing body army where do you put your empty mags ? or small people
the bottom pic is it rolled up


Got the vanguard one only ever used it on the range seem's to work okay if a bit walt looking.Works better than the breacon pocket if you got ecba on how do you manage if wearing a ubacs shirt I don't know?
I never had one and look what happened :-(

Save yourself and buy one now.
I had one and it was useful. I even now use in back in the UK for conventianal stuff aswell. All round good bit of kit
This could lead to a whole new fad in advertising. You could cash in.

"I had my limbs shattered by explosives...If only I'd eaten Frosties. Other people tell me they're gggreat!" Dingerr.
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There's mileage in that. Sell fear, reap the rewards.
I sleep with a penny in my mouth an I've never suffered from arthritis
Theyre great, for things other than mags as well. depending on the quality of your admin they fit a ration pack, Nalgene bottles, Comd Kit everything. They are like a more easily accessed utility pouch and stuff doesnt fall out as youre meant to leave them open.

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