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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aunty Stella, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. I see that someone has chucked their dummy out of the pram and deleted the entire "Arrse maidens" thread.

    Hopefully you won't have any problem with me PM'ing every member of the board with the said photo's in retaliation?
  2. The thread was binned just after Abacus made a comment on it. I knew he'd push the envelope. He needs banning the cheeky c*nt. Some people don't know when to stop.

    Actually, one of the 'heavy brigade' looked like she'd got the hump.

    Can you PM me AS.
  3. There is an issue of vicarious liability. Don't want to fall out with you about it Aunty S but you would need written permission from one or both of the COs to do that. Might be better to check with them first.

    Note to my fan club - I haven't asked him not to, just asked him to make sure he (and the site) is (are) covered.
  4. It was you then?
  5. Well, I mean, what? Oh, FFS.
  6. When you say heavy is that in Stones?
  7. Abacus, you should get a job as a professional red flag waver in a bull factory.

    Just watch how the entire collection will now propogate over the internet.
  8. No. Heavy as in Liz.
  9. hahahaha - you lie like cheap naafi watch - it was binned just after your reply. And for the benefit of the doubt - it wasn't anything about the thread topic (hopefully it will re-appear in the ARRSEHole and we can all see that - check your pm biccies
  10. Oh, thought so. Don't call it a slapper. Don't like it.
  11. I liked the one with Liz's gash out the best.
  12. I don't believe that you are trying to blame me.
  13. Not at all - clearly we both wanted it to continue. Suppose we'll just have to use this one now..........
  14. Good idee.
    Do we need an FOI Act on ARRSE?
    If they block the PM - I'll give you my e-mail instead.
  15. To anyone that wants to see the photo's, send me a PM and I'll gladly send them by return. Up until a certain intervention they were only sent with the permission of the bloke in question. The bloke in question has just told me to send them to who the fcuk I like and name names if I wish to do so.

    I accept full responsibility for outing a fcuking whore

    Oh, and if anyone wants to try to block the PM's, email me at groundie@hotmail.com and I'll email them back to you.

    Well done "Abs"

    Feel free to delete this thread as well, I've copied this one and will quite happily paste it back in all fcuking night
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.