Dumbed Down Training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Is it me or is training getting dumbed down, not really unit training but some of the stuff coming from higher up.

    Some examples JPA, a child computer based training system that many in my unit after ten seconds of making the tank fire, just clicked next next etc to complete the lesson.

    Had DII training recently a little better, maybe taught many what DII was but most of my Sqn had been taught to browse and send emails to a higher standard a few weeks earlier.

    Recently spent a full day of doing the full MATT Map Reading package, it improved my map reading by 0% - I still got 100%.

    It may be ok for a regular to have some nice easy lessons but for a TA soldier its a wasted training opportunity. Every training period is precious.
  2. This is the nature of instruction in most large/corperate organisations. Training is not aimed at the average IQ, but the lowest.

    Reducing corperate liability is the "holy grail".
  3. My companies HSE training consists of 90% online powerpoint presentations followed by online examinations.....tedious to say the least.

    It has several advantages:

    1. Its cheap to implement
    2. It saves lots of money
    3. No, really, its damn cheap

    And yes, the company can point to the records and cover their arrse.
  4. IT_Guy

    Snap mate!

  5. No mate it's not. You are just super brill with to much time on your hands. Get some porn and thrap yourself in to oblivion!! (Chuckle)
  6. My employer does the same but what the MOD delivers via its contractors is utter tripe and a complete waste of resources.

    When will the MOD snap out of it Bliar/new labour way of working
  7. My CMSR was severly dumbed down because an RTC had not trained its recruits to a uitable standard - so we had to go back to basics and relearn weapon handlign etc from scrath - a bit of a waste of some VERy talented corporals time and experience.
    Although two weeks off work were fun! i could have got a whole lot more from the experience.

    It was unfair on those of use whose RTC had put in the work, Unfair on the people who were not up to scratch - some girls could not even get their hair into a tidy bun! unfair on the corporals and unfair on those who do get a VERY tough CMSR.
  8. Go on name the RTC (or at least give us a clue)
  9. It was one from up north!

    mine is one from south! and we were well prepped!
  10. 42 Bde?, heard they had problems getting the training up and running
  11. mine wasn't 42 BDE

    but the training at ours was revamped at the beginning of the year I think!

    trouble we also had was we learnt from the new pam and the CMSR was using the old one!
  12. They are teaching weapon handling on phase one now? 8O I always thought they preffered the regs to teach it straight at CMSR. Did when I went through the system not so long ago.
  13. How Far North? cos now I'm interested. pm me if you don't want to publicly shame them, which you should then it can be rectified.
  14. Even more interested....tell me, tell me,tell me!
  15. Capability based training? If you can pass the test do you need to do the whole training package? If a quick refresh followed by passing a test is enough then do it and move onto something more interesting - let that be the reward for staying on top of the basic skills.

    I have always found the notion of classroom based nav training ridiculous.

    Agreed that JPA and DII training is a waste of time. Apart from the odd travel claim does anyone apart from the permanant staff ever use JPA or DII?

    With no remote access DII and a massive PLA-proof firewall, DII is utterly useless to anyone who does not have daily access to a DII workstation, ie your average TA officer and soldier.