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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by eiKr, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. I'm hoping that someone is able to give some advice, I got myself some dumbbells a while ago, but never really used them, starting to get into shape and hoping that a bit of weight training will help with my general strength.

    Does anyone have any tips on what exercises will be good? Want things that will help me loose weight, as well as help with my strength. Working on my push-ups as well to help, but looking for any other tips people have!

    Thanks :).
  2. Blimey, where to begin! I take it that you are considering joining up - if so there are plenty of books to help you out. Try "fighting fit" by Adrian Weale, although i am sure others can be recommended. If you are after Op Massive, then mens fitness "complete training guide" is pretty good.
    Keep a training log - if you have an iPhone, the Ifitness app is a good start - if not buy yourself a notebook and note down everything you do. EVERYTHING!
    What exercise you did, how many reps/sets/weight, how long/fast/ you ran/cycled/swam for (getting the idea?)
    Also what food you ate, how much sleep, how you felt, weighed, all measurements - the idea is to be complete & figure out what works for you.
    Be as comprehensive as possible - and mix things up, keep changing exercise routines. Your body gets used to things very quickly (2 rules in fitness. Anything works & nothing works for long!)
  3. You can get the 100 pushups and 200 sit-ups apps on the iPhone to do aside from any training program. Also on iTunes do a search for audio fuel. There are a number of albums that can be downloaded that will provide you with a running program, be it interval training or distance. Very useful. They are designed to get you running at certain bpm.

    Keeping your training varied is probably the most important thing and if you are looking at losing weight then cardio work and diet are probably the most important things to address.

  4. WRONG... cardio is not the most important thing to address, this is why all the fatties jump on cardio. It's part of it, resistance training, weights etc... is just as important if your looking at loosing weight. Don't follow the crowd of fatties to the CV kit.

    Decide what you want to do, develop muscular endurance, strength what ever.... then get programme to fit and stick to it for 6 weeks then review again. You could use a PFA as a benchmark to review programme.

    Looking at joining up? main problems encounter are with endurance not strength.
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  5. Thanks! I did the 100 push ups a few weeks ago (not 100 a day mind you!), will start that again! Didn't know there was a sit up version as well! Well look into that now!
  6. Find a gym with kettlebells and Google workouts with those.
  7. Depends on how much strength you want to develop; Dumbbells are good, but for big gains in strength, you're going to need to use Barbells. So find a good gym that has lots of free weights.

    JJ's suggestion about Kettlebells is a good one, especially if you are more interested in developing strength endurance rather than maximal strength. KB's are slightly harder to learn how to use than Barbells, so it's important to find a gym with an instructor who knows what he's doing.

    Losing weight: muscle weighs almost twice as much as fat, so if you combine a good strength training routine with cardio, you can lose fat while building muscle. Which means your weight will not drastically change.

    You might also consider going to Sherdog.com: UFC, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) News, Results, Fighting specifically the Strength and Conditioning Forum, which has an FAQ section with lots of links to beginner strength training programs.
  8. And.... what how far did you get? have you sacked press ups (not push ups grrrr) now? Whole idea is to build up your endurance not to complete and forget.
  9. Buy a sledge hammer and a tractor tire. Smash shite out of till you puke. Repeat the other side.
  10. Seconded. Some of the top MMA fighters use this; there's a video of Fedor sledging a truck tyre with scary force.
  11. This has always seemed to be as retarded an example of exercising as it gets - mindless milling with variable results and an elevated level of risk of injury due to the random element of what may happen on the rebound.

    For me - one to avoid, but if it works for Ooooh_Matron then crack on!
  12. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    It's actually diet... all diet and nothing but diet... working out will matter not a jot to your fat. You get fitter in the cardio room, stronger in the weight room and slimmer in the kitchen... and ONLY the kitchen.
  13. Which goes to show how little you know.

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