Dumb yank


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It would appear that someone has lost their sense of humour and removed the video.
I've re-done the link

and they deleted that one too. I'm afraid you'll simply have to imagine a particularly vacuous female TV presenter interviewing MF about posting a record time whilst not having the foggiest idea that he's a double olympic champion.

Just discovered that they haven't got to the Guardian yet.

Wait a few seconds for the video to kick in.

My admiration for Mo F just leaps; at no time did he even hint at taking the piss out of the woman. Barley even grinned at the bone questions...

... and from YouTube..

WTF "LaTonya" where do they come up with these monikers? My daughter had a thing on her phone where someone was taking the piss with names like "Obamiqua" etc...quite amusing.

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