Dumb newbie question

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Nutter, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. Im currently an AI bit newish to the ACF im moving house about 40 miles away from the detatchment. Just wondering when I put the change of address in whats the chances of me ending up being asked to move to a closer det; which I dont want to as I like where I am.
  2. No if i was really going to do a wah i would ask how to join 49 para. I know it sound like a bloody dumb question, but if they arnt asked how else do you find out the answer to these things.

    So i take it where you live doesnt influence where you go.
  3. Don't be stupid! You can't just 'join' 49 Para... Just to be invited to apply, you'd have to get an A grading on your Under-water Knife Fighting Course or something similar.
  4. I have a detachment less than 5 mins walk from where I live but was asked to go to one 30 mins drive away.

    It all depends on if they have a greater need of AIs in a closer detachment, whether they are happy to pay you the extra travel costs, etc etc.