Dumb Millennials getting Gen Z tattoo before realising it's actually a Nazi symbol

But potatoes can be peeled and fried to make chips. There's always an up side.

I find the screaming when you set about them with a peeler quite delightful...
THOUSANDS of TikTok users have got a "Gen Z" tattoo before realising it's actually a NAZI symbol.

A movement started on the social media platform has gone horribly wrong, after teens got tattooed with a white supremacy symbol, thinking it was just a fun design.

The likeness of the Z with a line through it, which smoothavocado envisaged as her dream tattoo, to the wolfsangel symbol, linked to the Nazis and other white supremacy groups, is startling.

I love it when the snowflake generation self-own..

But on a serious note, I have always wrote my Z's like that with a line through.. I think its because my mother was a Polish immigrant and thats how she taught me...

This one?

I think it will take a bit more then a few spotty geeks and aging hippies wearing it , to remove the infamy related to the Swastika Kamraden

Infamy infamy they've all got in for the Swastika

He was humping some journo/former model as well. Looked like she had an inflatable face. Jani Allen?
He was humping some journo/former model as well. Looked like she had an inflatable face. Jani Allen?
Recall her famous case against Channel 4?
A few years later, she tried to sue a saffer magazine for calling her a 'serial loser'.
C4 heard about it, and said "ok, we'll await a verdict. then pursue you for the tens of thousands of quid you owe US in legal fees from your failed case..."
She shut up very quickly.
Bloody hell! Didn't know she was humping Stan Katz. When did he go blind?
I was schooled in the 70’s and as a young individual I saw the number 7 with the line through it. I started to copy this and thought it looked better than the standard walking stick version. A couple of things resulted from this, first my French teacher embraced it and said it was very European, secondly my English / maths teacher (same person) bollocked me for abusing the English language and a lot more seriously, my ol’ dad saw it in my exercise book and blew a gasket! How dare I bring that Germanic shite into his house, I was insulting my grandads, the war dead and every Englishman in the land. It ended with a taste of the belt and a good hour at the dining room table going through my maths book and changing every single seven back to the “English” version, never written it with a line through again to this very day!

Ah, happy days!

But you try and tell the young people today that... and they won't believe ya'.
That’s a bit like saying it’s ok to have a swastika tattoo because it’s actually an Indian Sanskrit symbol for Well Being, yeah good luck with that one!
Guy I used to cross train and spar with with had a variation of this as a tattoo,

The organisation have now changed it for some reason.

My Grandad brought this back from one of his trips to the Far East. They used it as a fruit bowl. At the outbreak of WW2, Granny put it in the attic, “Just In case the neighbours saw it”