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no1cares said:
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Come on then who has done the minger in Nicosia. :oops: I heard that she married a squaddie
I have a REME mate that benched her. She was hoofing.
i thought hoofing meant great? not entirely up on my jackspeak but if she was great then whats the drama. sport shagging is for winners
It does.
It's my experience that a woman can be considered "ugly" by the ugliest men who really think they're the dogs b*ll*cks..........always found it really amusing............I bet your wives and girlfriends can't park their cars either........ :D


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There was one named Ellen, back in '70s in Nicosia. Had her own bar. A jewish lady. Wasn't 100% 'orrible, but was willing. Very willing. Would give a hand job if you put 20p in juke box, and if you spent a fiver on drinks, a blow job was available. Reportedly. Allegedly.
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