Dum Dum Angelas Bar Nicosia

Does anyone remember Dum Dum in Angela's bar (Nicosia, Ledra Street)I heared the "lady" was in love with a Bleep lad who I actually had the pleasure (giggle) to meet when my friend was exploring her lady bits with his fingers whilst drinking Keo. Pretending to put money in the juke box and seeing her jump off her stool to dance was magic...
If they did get married, the parties they hosted must of been delightful... :oops:
Her name was Taloola. Even after he married her (or perhaps just engaged - I couldn't work out which) and dumped her and their kid, she kept his bergan full of kit in the middle of the room, hoping that he would come back.

It was quite sad really.
putteesinmyhands said:
PS. She was profoundly deaf and, as such, had never learned how to speak. This prevented her education, which was a shame as she was actually quite bright.
if true, a waste of Talent. she could have learned Sign Language and used that to access education easily as well as meeting her Peers for Social and Personal Development.
Cyprus Deaf Society would have helped her.

Cyprus is not really known for advances in Disabilties. they tend to be lower down in the pecking order.
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