Dulwich Volunteers

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by captaincalamity, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Whilst out running the other night I passed a block of flats on a close called 'Highwood' on London Rd (SE22?). Now, being an ex A (Highwood) Coy 8 QF bod that got me thinking. The flats were fairly modern, so who would name them like that, rather than after some greasy Councillor or developers wife, as I couldn't think of any other reason apart from the nearness to Camberwell and the East Surreys (I think) connection? 50 yards down the road is the chuch on the corner of Lordship Lane, which has a memorial to the Dulwich Volunteers of 14-18 - is that the connection? Where did they end up?
  2. There is another irony with the link between High Wood and Camberwell.

    One popular song of the Great War was Chalk Farm to Camberwell Green by Lionel Morrekton, 1915. Its is about a young lady who went for a ride on the top of a bus with "a fellow, a regular swell". on what is still the no. 68 bus route. Here is the chorus:

    Chalk Farm to Camberwell Green
    All on a summer's day
    Up we climbed on the motor bus
    And we started right away
    When we got to the end of the ride
    He asked me to go for a walk!
    Bat I wasn't Camberwell Green
    By a very long chalk!

    But it was parodied by the soldiery to become ...

    High Wood to Waterlot Farm,
    All on a summer's day,
    Up you get to the top of the trench
    Though you're sniped at all the way.
    If you've got a smoke helmet there
    You'd best put it on if you could,
    For the wood down by Waterlot Farm
    Is a bloody high wood.

    E A Mackintosh

    That would have been known by the men who went to High Wood Barracks from 1932.

    There is a memorial to the London Division at High Wood. Visit it with us on one of our battlefield tours or pilgrimages.
  3. Hi, I am ex 562 (para) sqn RCT, is the drill hall still there and in use on Lordship lane, thanks
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Sorry to say dante, most of it has gone and been converted to flats. The Cadet Drill hut is still there, but all of the previous occupants (including A Sqn "Them") have disbanded.

    IIRC the last time that it was used for full Military purposes was to host the planning committee for the invasion of AFG!

    Thanks for pointing this out Capt C. I have lived in or around Dulwich on and off for 30+ years and never noticed the Memorial. I will go and have a look at the weekend!

    ps have you tried the new East Dulwich Warehouse on Zenoria Street? Well worth a visit!
  5. No I haven't but having just googled it as well I'll give them a visit. Trouble is I am away back home at the weekends so have to see if they are open in the evenings.

  6. Captain C - glad to see the old A Coy 8QF members still around, there are one or two still in LONDONS - you may not remember that Flodden Road was, in its old form, called Flanders Barracks, while Dulwich was High Wood Bks. I always tried to reintroduce the name informally but was always laughed at, so the London Irish managed to get Connaught House onto it. Hey ho.

    The First Surrey Rifles Association still runs a tour to France each year in October - a good knees up normally - if anyone with links to Camberwell is interested PM me and I can put you in touch with the organiser.
  7. There's a Highwood Barracks opposite Wood Vale in Forest Hill
    Think 21 SAS come out of there some years ago.

    Been a few years since i lived around there.
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    That is the one that we are talkng about Dodger!

    I like about 150 yards from there now tich!

    Anyone fancy a Camberwell/Dulwich beer up? The Grove Tavern on Lordship Lane would be a good venue as the Landlord seemed to be onside re the War Memorial!
  9. Love to but live in Devon now, that said when?
  10. Capt Calamity, I live on Lordship Lane. The flats have been built on the site of Highwood Bks, hence the name..
    Grem, the memorial is on the corner of the A205 and Lordship Lane and consists of a plinth with a plaque on it to the Dulwich Volunteers and a rotten wooden flagstaff. It does get wreaths on it on Remembrance Sunday though, so someone must be looking after it.
  11. Gremlin - do you mean L/Lane or the Grove Tavern on Grove Lane/Camberwell Grove?

    As for the drinks - could do.
  12. Beer -ounds like half a plan to me - when and where exactly (mag to grid...)?
  13. Sounds good to me....long time since i was in the Grove Tavern.
    Its the one on the corner....with Dulwich church opposite...well just a few yards up the road.