Dullest question ever

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Belushi, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Chaps,

    Have read the DIN but wanted to check with the experts. I'm about to take up Mother Green on an offer of FTRS, for which the induction is from 30 Nov 09 for 2 weeks. The first day I'm due to report for duty is the 11 Jan 10.

    Question is, when am I in? If after the induction course, do I just twiddle my thumbs and get paid in the mean time? Or does it kick off from 11 Jan? I'd rather keep working for my civvy firm until the last safe moment if possible, rather than having to bang out by the start of December...

  2. its job dependent, i was working the day after i signed my contract but i've heard of guys waiting X amount of months to start at unit etc, in shock you've got a contract with the current climate tbh, good luck have another read of the said DIN. they can dissolve(or whatever the word is!) the post for needs of the (government) service at a very short notice!

  3. I've just started an FTRS - what you going for; trade, unit area? (PM if ya wanna keep it quiet on here :) )

    Have you had a FTRS Prep day yet; medical, dental & briefing?

    I had a day off from my normal work to go up to Chilwell (Unpaid of course.) had my med & den, a briefing then should have signed contracts that afternoon. (Sometimes you sign contracts the next morning or have them sent to your unit.)

    You could be asked to go to your unit the next day or a few weeks later depending on requirements.

    Depending on the role and type of unit you go to you may or may not have to attend a 2 week FTRS package, MATTs and stuff, if you are going to a non-operational unit or are not deploying for 90 days AND are completing MATTs within your unit then you can send a request to the CO RTMC from your OC to get exemption from the 2 week course. (You may want to do the course and get all your MATTs out the way, it will also give you a chance to upscale your kit if required.)

    Any problems give me a shout mate - might be able to help.