Dullards: The New Class

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stoatman, May 23, 2005.

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  1. In the last week this esteemed site filled with a glorious mélange of both intellectual debate and total smut (sometimes even intellectiual debate about total smut) has been over-run by a new crop of dullards.

    These dullards can be easily identified by the annoying sh?t they do, i.e.:

    1. Posting things that have already been posted a gajillion times before
    2. Having multiple user names
    3. Posting utter shïte in threads
    5. Spelling and punctuating at a Year 2 level
    6. Accusing people of "racism", "homophobia", or other trendy thought-crimes
    7. Blatant trolling
    8. Being BB, Pompey_Boys, Bint, or whatever she's calling her deluded self this week

    If some of our more web-geek members could do a little investigation on the new crop & post info their alter-egos here, that'd be grand...

    In any case, I say we burn them, and use their nicely roasted corpses to help alleviate third-world hunger. Frenchperson would want it that way, after all cannibalism is just their culture, right? :twisted:
  2. You're not 'Yannie' then, by any chance? :lol:
  3. Even if I tried, I could not be that much of a dullard. I could come close, but not reach such dizzy heights of dullardy. I have only ever used 1 login, and this is it...
  4. Are you going to name and shame?
  5. All I know is that frenchcnut has another, more commonly used login name (according to PTP), and is not French - I wrote him a nice PM in la belle langue yesterday and he didn't reply despite having posted repeatedly since. Hence he's probably not a frog either.

    I don't have the facilities to check IP addresses etc, but there are some on here that can (BFG, PTP?). I think that PTP should name and shame the troll.
  6. Must admit, some of the new names seem to be posting total dross and trying to goad people into bitch fights (as long as they are naked and involve Cait and MB, I'm all for it :twisted: )

    However, if they haven't got the balls to be themselves then I think they should have all access rights revoked...........and then strapped naked to a lampost on a Friday night in Pompey when the Italians or French have ship in here with a tub of KY handy for the sailors to use :twisted:

    Failing that just burn them at the stake
  7. hi everyone,

    being single with no kids , cant cook , clean and iorn .

    bored of studying what does a squaddie girl friend to do when he is away fighting for queen and country

    Edit by Mod. Go away dullard.

  8. Learn to cook, clean and iron. :roll:
  9. sorry but it will spoil my hand`s and look`s

    Edit by Mod. Go away dullard.

  10. How will it spoil your looks? do you think that you clean the floor by scrubbing it with your face? :? :roll:
  11. You mean I've been doing it wrong all this time? Damn... :roll: :oops:
  12. I believe the doctrinally pure answer is:

    "Slag yourself out to all and sundry to feed your cock-hungry cravings; whinge about him not being there and blame him for the serparation; send him a Dear John mid-way through the tour as you have met some stinking civvie who "understands" you."

    PAM 71- Defence Grilfriends Handbook. Edition 3.
  13. Sleeper_service! Shame on you!

    Are suggesting that the delightful Yannie should lower herself to the level of the wives, mothers, girlfriends and lovers of the rest of the site members in relationships!

    How could you! They’re all ugly, callused scrubbers!
    The fact they would cook and clean for their men whilst they are home from the 'fight for queen and country' is an outrage!

    I’m with Yannie on this one! God knows we bedroom entertainer types really must get a grip on reality for the sake of the rest of humanity!

    Beebs :roll:

    Edited to add for the sake of Yannie, this is what we call Irony......
  14. Dozy, from what I've been told, you'd better not mop the floor with you face for fear of making the floor dirty.
  15. Care to cite your sources? :wink: