Dullard betrays dullards

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Apr 29, 2005.

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  1. This morning I logged in to find a PM of that annoying cnut Mooch

    My first thought was to dive through the monitor and remind him what a butt wipe he was and that the only decent thing he did with that identity was to sack it...... Cnut can't even do that.

    Then I thought I would expose him :D

    Do us a favour you grubby turncoat, grab a minibus, pick up...Grab a spoon, p1ss_slit_of_saureen, enlightened one, Snap dragon and a dozen other dull cnuts that wind us up.... gather speed and drive as quickly into an artic trailer as you can.

    Any survivors should be blindfolded, spun round a broom 'bar game style' and chucked on the M1

    You ponce......... I hope you get cnut cancer
  2. W.anker

    Your gonna be popular now....... w.anker


    I'll give you some credit Mooch... at least your consitant..... a total w.anker but consistant one never the less!

    Please keep us posted about what happens with your chums at "21"! I truely hope they rape your arrse before taking it in turns to jump into an industrial mincer.
  3. Make sure you get the timing right over the M1 or they'll just land on top of a truck,
  6. Yep its easy......... therefore choose any mod you want, I'll PM him my password and check my inbox?


    Imagine being gutless and a complete c0ck?
  7. Birds Eye Frozen Peas.
  8. Crinkly cut chips.
  9. errr....might have missed something here.........who the bl00dy hell is Mooch?

    What's this "21"?

    Does this Mooch need to get out more?

  10. Our dear Mooch
  11. Most likely a stupid question but what is '21'?
  12. is 21 sigs i think smudge
  13. I think, thouh I may be wrong, but the felch ridden to$$ piece refers to 21 SAS (Artists Rifles), TA regiment.

    Dunno why
  14. much obliged guys