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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Yokel, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. Wrong forum I expect, but do links to threads on PPRuNe still work? The reason that I ask is that certain threads enjoyed, until very recently, a steady trickle of additional views. However, PPRuNe has recently had security issues, so the amount of access guests can get is restricted.

    Yet I've noticed that there are guests shown online, on the military aircrew forum these generally account for 10-20% of users. According to a moderator there guests can view threads, the restrictions on the access of guests are largely due to numbers and vary at random, and AOL users may have more trouble than most since the Hackbot attacking PPRuNe uses AOL IP addresses. Something to do with dynamic addressing?

    So, I'll ask you to try the following link and seeing if you can view some pages (I admit I wrote much of it).

    URL of very long Sea Jet thread on PPRuNe

    If you can get onto it, it would be great to hear.

    The current restrictions are temporary - but I don't know what that means in practice. How temporary is temporary?

    I apolegise for being a dull retard and for my naval aviation related (and the rest) Obsessive Complulsive traits.
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Nope can't see any pages
    Just get the "you must log in or register" box
  3. Yes, Yokel, the security issues on Pprune are getting on my tits, too. I'm almost at the point of giving up on the crab-baiting.

    Managed to get though to the thread as given, having logged-on with my pprune username.

    I'm sure you can get treatment for your OCD.
  4. Log-in screen only.

  5. Same
  6. just had to re reregister with PPRuNe maybe you have explained why.security issuses perhaps. cant think why though. nobs get short shrift
  7. I see photos of a naked arab cum gargler?
    Is that right or did I click the link in the wrong way?


  8. BFG I think you're mistaken...

    At this instant about 25% of the users on/in the military aircrew forum are guests, so try it again....

    OCD? Nah.........
  9. I started a thread on the Computer/Internet forum on PPRuNe and asked

    1. If they are guests online, can they read threads?
    2. Is it purely numbers that decide whether guests (ie first come first served until a limit is reached) can view PPRuNe, or are certain ISPs banned?
    3. Can someone following a link to PPRuNe read posts?
    4. Are these current restrictions temporary or permanent?

    To which I got this reply:

    1. If they are guests online, can they read threads?


    2. Is it purely numbers that decide whether guests (ie first come first served until a limit is reached) can view PPRuNe, or are certain ISPs banned?

    It used to be the case that logged-in members had a priority for server time once a certain threshold of activity was reached, but since the site upgrade earlier this year, these limits have never been reached, as far as I know.

    Apart from the AOL issue noted in the announcement, no other ISPs have ever been banned. Certain IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses may be blocked from time to time as necessary to prevent abuse of or attacks on the site.

    3. Can someone following a link to PPRuNe read posts?

    Yes, subject to above.

    4. Are these current restrictions temporary or permanent?

    Temporary, but don't hold your breath!

    There has been some confusion about forced login, and an inability to view the forum as a guest.

    This has been implemented as a simple security measure. It works like this - when you log in to PPRuNe, the IP address that you are connecting from is logged. When this IP address next connects, the PPRuNe server will only allow a valid login to view the forum, and a guest will not be permitted.

    So if an IP address has never had a valid login made from it, then a guest connection can be made from that IP address - until a login is completed, at which point it will no longer be possible to login as a guest from that computer.

    I hope this explains things.

    Good. In the last couple of weeks it had had quite a few additional views (after it had ceased being on the first page) from 186917 a couple of weeks ago to 187129 as of 1700 today (15th June). I suspect that this was largely due to guests - links on other PPRuNe threads tend not to result in masses of extra views.

    On Friday it jumped from 187051 at 2200 to 187079 at 2300, by 1900 yesterday it was 187122, now it is 187129 (ok I admit I accidentally clicked it once). I know there is/was an interested party who was going to read the entire thread but I think that this increase in the number of views suggests that people have come from Google etc or followed links on other sites (like ARRSE) and had a look.

    I apologise for my obsessive/compulsive traits. However, the Sea Jet thread still discusses important issues, very serious issues for the RN which are already causing problems, but also notes that although the Sea Harrier did leave service, a few aircraft were retained and kept intact, and used for ground based training of baby chockheads, and if a real crisis (cf 1982) arose might be regenerated. This alone should help deter potential aggressors, particulay the Argentines as we could regenerate a few Sea Harriers faster than they could rebuild their amphibious forces.

    Sending aircraft (including a couple of two seat trainers - interesting) to Culdrose for training baby chockheads (see here) was better than the scrap yard anyway. Perhaps we (the contributors to the Sea Jet thread) helped.

    It would be great though to hear that someone has followed a link to this or any other PPRuNe thread and read some pages. Please!
  10. Bump. Go on, just someone (not a registered PPRuNe user) tell me that they've tried and the link works....please.
  11. I CAN honestly tell you that you are right.............
    this is a dull thread

  12. doesn't work for me yokel - got the log-in screen as well

    but spank-it's link is working properly