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Dull Dull Dull

What a boring and disappointing day.

I was hoping for a day of taunting, and bullying but it hasn't happened.

Shame on you all, at this rate I'm going to have to make friends with BB again just so I can fall out again later :D :D
You've been warned about thinking. Your eldest is using the family brain cell and the wife is noshing firemen for the house keeping money you gamble and drink away :D

My love life at the minute is very dull, which is almost criminal considering I am a lovescud.

Even the prospect of some good old septic thrashing seems dull

I never thought I'd cry out for BB to post something, enabling everyone to wade in with nastiness and cruelty :D :D

Anyway haven't you got some root beer to drink you wide assed septic butt slammer :D
I don't think the bunny boiler will be back in the NAAFI Bar for some time. And thanks for the weblink Mighty. The vid of the soldier getting his throat cut has made me fell like never going outside again...... it's a cruel world out there.


Is that the 7 second beheading of a russian conscript vid?
Yes indeedy it's a bad bad world out there.
Things like that makes one appreciate the good things in life


I think you'll find yourself in a minority if you want to diss breast milk.
Most men agree breast is best :wink:


mighty_doh-nut said:
Use your initiative to see if you can be demised by dusk
Make yourself an Ex-bunnyboiling nutty bar
I think the kids would wonder where their world went if I did that 8O
Sorry to steal your thunder but I first labelled myself a bunny boiler here some months ago....it was my idea :lol:
I am no longer a pre menstrual bunny boiling nutty bar and although it's dull I won't be again for a whole month :D
I now rename myself 'blondebint...the all round good egg with the incredibly sexy left elbow' :D :wink:

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