Dull, Dull, Dull!!!!!

For those of you who don't know me. . . . . .I've been around for a while., but I've not posted for a month or two, cause this site really has got very dull & far too political. Can anybody please tell me why????

& where are all the old timers that I had so much fun with?
Mate, I said the same before to Bernie.

However, I did weep a wee tear at the ARRSE No1 thread.

Glad to see you back. xxxxxx Yes I still am :lol: :roll:

Lippy is still knocking around. So is that tuppence MDF.

Where has arrse gone? Its just full of sigs t its that won't bother with chat. But the old chat was nicer.....
The Lord Flasheart said:
And dull fcuks that use this site in lieu of using the phone, Dale. Let he/she who casts the first stone or some such trivia........
She waits for backlash.

I am not a fireman tonight. Sort the fcuking chat out.

Night dear. Mod's perog et al.. It wasn't just me complaining I just bear the brunt. Only one with balls etc. xx Woof
But still full of rumour,scandal and gossip. "To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven"
I know what you're saying but like warfare things are 99% boredom 1% excitement.This is a good vehicle for discussion but it must suffer it's quiet periods (which the whining sigs c*nts fill in)

Present amusing topics can be found in the OTC forum (like Stumpy but with OCDTS- not a lot of difference then :lol: )

Right Gado - you start the next thread when you ARE SOBER my dear. I shall keep the faith.

But we would like the real chat back. Its so dull without it. Its like watching the Pub Landlord playing rugby. Dull.

Yes sir, I have lollypops and Jazz mags in my possession sir.

(Missed an S out)
Gado, you get loved up with some tent erector and disappear from our beloved site, then, when you realise that all he can talk about is 'how many angle pieces there in a 18x24' you bin him and come crawling back to us moaning!!
Well come back to the fold, are you at Twickers in May?

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