Dull cnuts chat thread

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Dec 24, 2005.

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  1. crack on, lets see if we can killl the NAAFI off completely
  2. obviously anything does not go in the naafi
  3. Where's Tiny Tim when we need him?
  4. Obviously MDN, you fit right in with the crowd.
  5. Typical Bloke.
  6. Poor MDN. Taking his ball home because he didn't get the rousing attention he wanted from his 'I went shopping at Tesco while my wife wrapped my pressies, and I saw some Numpties and yelled at a clerk' story.

    Yes, it could have killed the NAAFI off completely.
  7. Jesus, what the fecking hell has happened here :evil:

    I've been sitting in my frigging office working, decided to venture out of the AMS forum to find the rest of the world of ARRSE in revolt and the road to ruin, or so it would seem if you read the threads!!!

    Now I for one believe in the NAAFI motto,"Its fecking nasty here, don't post if you don't want abuse" but the impression I get is everybody seems to be wanting to dull things down-eh??? This is the NAAFI, take no prisoners and all that shiit. Fecks sake, some serious funny shiit has happened in these threads, from anecdotes (polite word for telling stories) to pure pisshtaking and abuse.

    If this place gets dulled down, and it has lately, then its a poor day for the site. Some people seem to want to blame the Mods, I think it sort of moderates itself almost and the fault seems to lie with some individuals. And Who are they?

    Anyway, lets keep the abuse here flowing wild and free, its what makes the NAAFI.

    Its nobodys NAAFI, its really everybodys NAAFI

    Right, I am off to anally interfere with myself using that new endoscope I borrowed from theatres.... :wink: You should see the size of the thing and what I can get it to do 8O
  8. Exactly. There is no monopoly on it.

    Dull and boring threads will either get no attention, and drop to the bottom of the septic tank, or will be showered with the appropriate abuse first.

    Movie night............a whole new view of Pooh.......
  9. Seems I have slept through this one and woken up with no idea as to what is going on (it's alright I'm used to this.) Ah well time for a run. Have a lovely christmas everybody. You never know MDN, if your good you might be made an honorary Porridge Wog.
  10. You are as gripping as a book of binary.

    I bet Christmas in your household is a laugh a minute
  11. You've lost the touch MDN.

    Keep trying, you may make it back
  12. Thats what a constant barrage of dullness does to you.

    I'd usually thrive on an argument and take great pleasure in mocking and taunting, we end up back at the same old point.

    You crack on and enjoy yourself, everyone else will wade through the pages and pages of bone trivial dross in order that they may find somethign they like.
  13. Yes, like a discussion of shopping at Tesco........Fine one that was.