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Has anyone else had any problems with the DYRMS. I have recently taken my son out of the school as I do not feel he was getting the pastoral care he was supposed to. The only time we ever heard from the school was when there was an invoice attached. The children from 13 and 14 year old are allowed to roam freely in Dover without any supervision and the accommodation is what can only be classed as sub standard. On taking my child out, I wrote to the school voicing my concerns and received an extremely rude letter from the headmaster admitting there was poor communication but based on my sons consistently poor behaviour and academic performance my decision was a wise one. He then went on to say my son did not manage to rise to the high standards expected. Cheeky ****, got a good mind to go down and punch his lights out. If the school bothered to instill discipline in the children and never just let them run riot and if the teachers gave children falling behind the support required I'm sure they would all meet the high standards required.

Its funny how the school has never once contacted me over my sons behaviour and his report cards are not bad academically. As a warning to anybody thinking of placing there child there, think carefully and maybe look to Gordons or QVS. From speaking to other parents, the pastoral care is far better at those schools.
We know three families, including us, who have recently had problems with the pastoral care at DYRMS. Strangely enough we have also had communication problems, in that we have encountered a general unwillingness from senior staff to have or arrange a face to face meeting to resolve the issues. You ought to be commended for taking the step to remove your children, unfortunately we had this option taken away from us. No other members of our family will go there in the present climate.
I went to the school starting there in 1967 and even then we were allowed to book out merely writing our destination in the book, so nothing has changed there.

The Dorms were 20 bed rooms and we had room inspections morning and evening, but they kept the elements off. I would be interested to hear what was sub standard.

As for care, the staff were either totally indifferent or outright sadists who should not have been allowed near children. Academic success was there for the taking, but if you slipped back one inch you were written off.

Personally my experience has lead me to conclude that the boarding school system is inhuman and I would not recommend it to anyone. The Duke of Yorks? No better or worse than many.


I attended the DYRMS in the 80's. At that time we were allowed out at the weekend to go into Dover. We had to sign in and out of school and I have to say that apart from the usual scrapes that teens get into there were no major dramas. There were good teachers/ average teachers / terrible teachers the same as all schools. Boarding school is not suitable for all children and when I was there we had a few pupils leave because they didn't like various aspects of the school. Whilst I feel I gained alot from the school I would not send my son there because I do not think he would a. enjoy it like I did b. would not gain the sames things I did due to his character being different to mine.
I have in more recent times spoken to staff who are still at the school who have said there is far more emphasis on the individual pupils than there was when I was there. Obviously I am not aware of your specific problems with the school but have to say my experience was different to what you have stated in your post.

Ref the accomodation issues, the cubicles were put in while I was there and replaced the 20 bed dormitory as described by Western. At the time they were a great improvement but 20 plus years later they are looking very tired. Like all things it comes down to money.
I am sad your experience of my old school is less than satisfactory and can only hope your feelings do not reflect the majority of parents who send / have sent their children to DYRMS
I currently have two children in dyrms one in a junior house and the other in a senior house. My children love being at the school and would not leave it for the world although it was not like that when they started! it has taken them time to settle down but the facilities they have there are fantastic. Yes the children are allowed to wander around Dover at the weekend but only if they are in groups, and most parents if they are completely honest let their children of the age 13 - 16 years out alone with their friend. Children need some form of freedom even from being within the grounds of a rather large school like the dyrms. I think everyone experiences are different and know friends who have a daughter in the senior girls house who loves the school but hates the housemistress. my son who is in wolseley house has a fantastic team who look after him and although at times Mr Saunderson (housemaster) is strict the children in time come to accept that his behaviour is in their best interests. The whole routine is just to hard for some children to accept because of the schooling until 5pm and then the prep time after, if you have been allowed to do as you please at home and play play station instead of doing homework and going to bed when you please you are going to find the discipline difficult. If you are thinking of using the drummers then you should not knock it till you have tried it. take the time to look around various boarding schools before you and you child make the decision on which is right for them and you. i know drummers has made a big difference to my children and will make them more disciplined in their future life.


Unless things have changed over the past 5yrs or so the security up there is useless too. I went to school at another school in dover and would regularly wander into 'Dukies' on a wednesday afternoon when they had the afternoon off. Was never challenged or signed in, would just wander in walk down to the dorms where i knew people and spend half the evening up there. Good stuff ay haha
I've just finished at the school back in July. I found that the school had good points as well as bad points.

Being an 18 year old boy, I found that the Junior students had just as much freedom than what we did. In fact we were treated like Juniors.
The one thing that disgusted me about the school was there attitude to an Ex Marine who was not a teacher but worked around the school. He would often train with us and soon had a big fan club. However, some teachers disliked his training methods and informed the headmaster and the Senior management team about his club. He was told stop the training or you will lose your job.
Being a military school, you would have thought that the school would have approved of such a keen man to keep us fit and healthy, especially as many of the people in the school are quite unfit as well as it having a good percentage of its pupils who are considering a career in the forces.
Aswell as this hostility he has never once been approached for his services that could be highly beneficial for the schools Combined Cadet Force. But the school is keen on just getting the average teacher who knows jack all about the qualities needed in the CCF to help out.

Except for a small minority of the staff of the school( those who have spent their entire life there), the current crop of teachers couldnt care less about the schools fine traditions as well as its students. No matter how much energy or committment pupils of the school put into sports and other schoool committments, the school nowdays is keen to get rid of those that make the one small mistake despite what they have done for the school.
It's willing to stab the pupil in the back.

The school can only get better with a new headmaster,as the current one had lost a grip on the school'

Sorry for my rant


I am just about to go into U6th having joined in year 7.

Yes we are allowed unsupervised into town on a wednesday (even 11 year olds) however there are also 6th form in town as well, who do genuinly keep an eye on the younger kids. Its a metter of pride, and the fact that we aren't going to let Dover Grammar or any other chav school have a go at them. If you tried to remove this privalage, there would be uproar. We have little enough freedom as it is and that is one of the few shreds we have left.

I cant explain SMT's unwillingness to meet people, my parents never have had to meet them, and they were contacted by letter and phone when I was busted drunk.

The pastoral care isn't fantastic, but if you have a problem, there is the means to deal with it. With the influx of new, younger staff in the last four years, the situatiuon has imp[roved and the school is keen to improve. We also have a new Head Master in September (Woohoo!)

The cubicle's are still in the dorms and looking more and more tired, but due to MOD cuts the school has less and less money, but new carpets furniture and curtains have been put in all the houses, and the cubicles are planned to be eplcaed in the next five years but I doubt it.

I am in Wolseley as well and we have (as muh as I cant stand him) one of the best housemasters, and he is now the senior housemaster so has passed on many of his skills to new housemasters. IMprovment is being made, the school is getting better, we just need more money, and that isnt coming soon.

Security has got better too. Its the Army Guard Servie now, more CCTV and greater tracking of vehicles on site

I can see where you are coming from Robi as well it has got good and bad points, but most of the good outway the bad and things should improve, it provides damn good education for the amount you pay, and it gives a sense of spirit and pride that most schools could dream of.

Yeah thats about it....
Yeah i'm proud of being a part of the school and i was one who never complained about the bad stuff while i was there. But i do thing the school needs to improve and like you said G_at_DYRMS, the dorms and studies really do need improvement as they are way below any other boarding school standard.

Though i complain now, i really did enjoy my time there and made some good friends


G_at_DYRMS said:
I am just about to go into U6th having joined in year 7.

Yes we are allowed unsupervised into town on a wednesday (even 11 year olds) however there are also 6th form in town as well, who do genuinly keep an eye on the younger kids. Its a metter of pride, and the fact that we aren't going to let Dover Grammar or any other chav school have a go at them. If you tried to remove this privalage, there would be uproar. We have little enough freedom as it is and that is one of the few shreds we have left.
Dover Grammar - chav school? I comparison to the rest of Dover, the Grammar lads are almost normal. I left there a few years ago and the likes of Archers and Astor were much worse.
Boarding Houses need some kind of strict housemaster, or otherwise the house goes to shit. Especially house activites, Roberts are always rubbish. We had nothing done for us.
You kids should stop whining, you dont know when you have it good!! Wait till you have your own children and school fees to pay, then you can whine!!!
Saundy as you call him is angood housemaster and has your best interests at heart. Enjoy it while you can. (one day you will appreciate him)


Have to say I have met S***** as you call him on several occasions and he comes across as someone who really cares about the children in his care. His methods may well be somewhat of a throwback to some of the Housemasters of my era but I have to ask is that really a bad thing? Some of the senior staff at the school were there when I was and I have to say that based on my memories of some of their behaviour(discipline wise) towards pupils at that time then they have adapted remarkably well to what is expected of staff in the more modern era.

Please be carefull when slagging people off this is a public forum and the people you mention are easily identified.While you may have perceived bad experiences with regard to members of staff others may be more positive.Not all my experiences of DYRMS were good (infact I had quite a few very bad times ) but overall an experience I would not have done without.
Very well said cammen S***** is the best hosemaster at doyrms! and as said before if you cant take they way the school runs then get out!!! In my opnion it is the best school my children have been to!!!!


War Hero
I have experience of DYRMS and echo the opening post made in this forum. Never have I met such ill mannered staff, mind you I did not meet all of them so there must be some pleasant ones. My child had positive experiences there though, he learnt how to skin up and where to buy blow from on wed afternoons! Pastoral care........my arrse!
And as for the S*********..........I could post a letter here which sums up his attitude....


Glad I got my lad out when I did Flyingrockdj, it seems he was well on his way to what you experienced. He has been home all summer and we are now getting him back on an even keel. I have ended up sending him to the high school I went to in Scotland, he went to meet the teachers and head the other day and was very pleasantly surprised and now cannot wait to get started. I appreciate a lot of the kids from DYRMS read this and previous pupils and I understand your pride in your school. I just felt that the school did not have my sons best interests at heart. My son loved all his friends there and still keeps in touch with them now. He did not want to leave and it was a difficult decision for his mother and I to make but I am sure now its the right one.

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