Duke of Westminster in News of Screws

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hansvonhealing, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. DUKE & THE HOOKERS: He pays for sex as soldiers risk lives


    By Ross Hall

    WHILE 900 courageous Territorial Army heroes put their lives on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan their multi-billionaire boss is home revelling in seedy sex with a procession of vice girls.

    A News of the World investigation exposes The Duke of Westminster— Britain's richest man, Prince Charles' best friend, full-blown major-general and married dad of four—as a serial cheat and user of £750-an-hour hookers.


    (with photos and videos....lol, obviously, they want their readers to be thoroughly disgusted!)
  2. I've just read the article - couldn't actually see what he'd done wrong - tried haggling to get the price down. Good work fella!!!

    At least he wasn't raping anyone or shagging a school boy.


    (All journos are Saints that have never done wrong?)
  3. Good lad!
  4. Well if he's paying for it I hope he is 'full-blown'. Wives and long term girlfriends tend to stop doing that sort of thing and then wonder why their partners start to stray.
  5. As opposed to what a large number of HM's boys quartered on the Rhine would have been doing last night?
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    And what about Johnny 3 shags and the rest of the sleazy barstewards in Westminster?

    Anyway - is the Duke not just keeping up the reputation of the licentious solidery that many in this country seem to despise (especially in Fleet Stret or whereever they are now).

    Good drills that man.
  7. What a load of utter fcuking sh1te, and nothing more than to be expected from NOTW. Who the fcuk do they think they are ? It might be time for someone to start following these cnuts around. He who is without sin and all that. And you only have to look at the blatant piece on Glitter, trying to whip up hatred in the great unwashed with an article that actually doesn't say anything. The man is a pariah already, and doesn't need a poorly written article like that to make people want to slot him Good effort Mr Duke Sir, and more of the same. He has enhanced the reputation of the TA in my eyes, because before, it was lower than Whale Sh1t.
  8. He shags whores and is worth billions.

    Err, what's the problem?
  9. Probably just become a hero in the eyes of the troops.

    He could have only made it more clever if he'd have gone home caked in gyros, woke his Mrs up with a stiffy and said 'You're next fatty'
  10. What a shower of fcuking pricks. Coming over all Dickensian, as if they give a fcuk about Soldiers unless it's to sell more copy. Fcuk I hate tabloids.
  11. msr

    msr LE


    He already is ;) You've got to hand it to a man who flies to Kuwait City in his own private jet and then on to Basra in a Herc to visit the troops.

  12. Britain's richest man? Has he been doing a paper round or something since the last rich list was published?

    (In millions)
    1st 14,881 Lakshmi Mittal
    2nd 10,800 Roman Abramovich
    3rd 6,600 The Duke of Westminster
    4th 4,950 Hans Rausing and family
    5th 4,900 Sir Philip and Tina Green

    Sunday Times Rich List 2006

    Obviously the rest of the article is factually correct though :roll:
  13. Just p1ssed myself laughing :thumright:

    £750 an hour seems a bit steep though!
  14. As far as I can see he's doing his bit for the economy by keeping a large amount of cash in circulation.
  15. I think they must have meant Briain's richest man, as in really British! (ooh political)You know the NOTW loves to be so flag wavingly nationalist after all.

    Actually I don't much care for the hairy armed, mutant-browed, slackwit inbred myself, but Gerry old chap - if you really want to pay £750 for hoors and that, fair play mate. However if you cavalierly pay £750, when you can get quality brass-ware, so to speak, for £100-150, then you may not be Britain's 1st/3rd richest man for long. Be frugal with them hoors your grace. Or maybe he saved up and had a five hoors boiled into one special?