Duke of Westminster gives it both barrels

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by modernmajorgeneral, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. While considering these notes I have been reflecting the changes I have seen and been involved with over the last ten years and the extraordinary commitment of the Yeoman on operations. On occasions it has been nothing short of humbling to have witnessed such self sacrifice, whether it be at home, or in the workplace. Our Regular counterparts and Politicians will NEVER really know how difficult it has been for our people and they must NEVER take it for granted. We cannot exist on patronising platitudes or sheer ignorance - both of which I have witnessed in buckets full over four years in the MoD.

    We are NOT one Army or whole Army, or whatever the latest strap line is - The Volunteer is different, willing to serve, but those differences must be recognised. Cutting MTD ’s whilst increasing the training and administrative burden is nothing short of dereliction of our responsibilities of "Duty of Care" and is only one example of the cack-handed management that is designed to lure our people to the Leisure Centre, or football matches at weekends and not to the TA Centre.

    The Reserve Review, which I have been part of, will, I hope, have been published by the time you read this. It is an excellent document and I commend it to you. However, unless the fine words contained within it are properly resourced and implemented we will reach a defining moment in the history of the TA. The Regiment is, I know, meeting these challenges with a mixture of their customary humour and dedication combined with the typical "can do" attitude that sometimes has been our own worst enemy. The fact that “the job will be done whatever the cost in terms of human resource and resilience of the individual” is becoming unacceptable.

    The Regiment has been my second home since 1972 and I am enormously honoured to have been asked to be the Honorary Colonel. I much look forward to my tenure and hope to play a part in the ongoing development of the Regiment as it rides into an uncertain future.
  2. Well Said Sah!! :clap:
  3. Well, good to hear it...but until the Regulars accept that the TA is indeed something 'more' than simply soldiering, I'm afraid that we will continue to witness a slow but important erosion of the ethos by the removal of resources and support.

    Indeed, the Review of the Reserves might have come along at the worst possible moment, highlighting as it does the gulf between where we are and where we need to be. The Review Working Group better have some teeth and some nifty footwork if it is to evade the swinging cuts that are on their way (over and above those that have already taken place).

    With Government borrowing at record highs, no discernible plan to resolve the problem, tax revenues being cratered, and an election within 12 months, the future looks grim - for all of us. It will take 5 - 10 years for the economy, and thus the military budget, to recover.

    I can see a TA of 20,000 populated by eager beaver mobilisation junkies averaging 3-5 years service and very little else.

    General - if indeed it is you (I have no reason to suppose it isn't) - fine sentiments and few would disagree. Sadly, the rot in 'regular' minds is well and truly set in. They see 'bones and joints' but not the 'flesh' of the being that is the TA. All mechanics and no soul.
  4. Guess this what happens when the patients run the asylum.
    One Army! My arrse
    Excuse my ineloquence.

    If you don't nurture,feed and protect something it withers and dies. Looks to me like the Government don't have 'Green fingers'
  5. i've just seen this thread, the quote has been taken from the recently published QOY journal, and yes it is the foreward from the DoW.
  6. No reason to suppose it isn't? Look at some previous topics...one is about boobs...hang on a second!
  7. Yeah, because the Regulars sacrifice nothing.

    Ignorant fcuk.
  8. modernmajorgeneral - it is usual to acknowledge a quote rather than just cut and paste............ie use quotation marks, post link to the article or at least tell us where the article came from
  9. msr

    msr LE

    He didn't say that.

  10. He did say that.

    He said Regs and Politicians do not understand the difficulties that the TA face.

    I would agree with the politicians part, but to state that the Regs do not understand the difficulties associated with deployment on ops is just ignorant, and does fcuk all to integrate anyone.
  11. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Are we agreed though that, in a general sense, there are specific and unique challenges faced by a reservist deploying that a reg would not face?

    Employer / Employment issues and so on?
  12. He didn't say that.

  13. I thought that he was talking about juggling two jobs, going to work on monday shagged and the wife's not the TA again dear. Small potatoes but it all add's up.
  14. Let's turn that round - is it reasonable to say that the TA completely understand how it is for a Regular soldier ? I don't think so, so what's the difference ? Please , have a think about what he actually wrote and don't kneejerk the A into ARAB.
  15. Ive been back and forth between the TA and the Regs (stopping at S Type and FTRS and all stations inbetween)

    The 'Us and Them' gap has always been there, but it is narrower now than it ever has been.

    A TA OR or Offr on active tour is soon considered just another team member quicker now than they ever were back in the day.

    The whole ethos of 'out the door as one' has mostly evaperated now, but all those who have made it to active duty on ops (with one or two notable exceptions) have held their heads high and demonstrated how key TA personnel are in this day and age