Duke of Westminster and Country House rehab

He can indeed, although his personal wealth shouldn't take anything away from the scale of the gesture. Not only is the property worth in the region of £7m+, but he has also promised to commit a 'substantial donation' to the renovations. Well done sir.

Edited to add; seconded on the beret comments, it's a cracker.
Mail Online Monday said:
Britain's wealthiest landowner, the Duke of Westminster, is to donate a country pile to the nation that will become a treatment centre for wounded soldiers and civilians.

Grade II-listed Stanford Hall, in Leicestershire, is to get a £300million conversion that will see it become Britain's largest rehabilitation complex, according to the Sunday Times.

The 60-year-old Duke, who owns large parts of central London, is Britain's most senior Territorial Army officer with the rank of major-general. He joined in 1970 and has taken a huge interest in the military. Last month he proposed renaming the TA the British Army Reserves.

Read more: Duke of Westminster donates country house for use as new rehab centre for wounded troops | Mail Online
His generous donation, does not mean however, that his earlier daft idea to re-name the TA was any less BOLLOCKS!



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His Grace is a Top Geezer, a real Bonne Oeuf. He's done an awful lot for the Forces - the UK4U Christmas Boxes are largely down to him. People take the piss from the boxes, but they provide some cracking fun on a Christmas day.

He has also got a Top Line in high-class tarts, and he doesn't give a toss.

Thanks, Gerry :)
Well he is Yeomanry. They are not exactly well known for bothering about dress regs!

Good call on the country pad though!
Seconded for Bon Oeuf.

Now a question about that uniform. He's a Maj Gen, but wearing the rank of colonel in that photo. Presumably in his role as Hon Colonel of the QOY. His beret(!) however looks as though its got a QOY badge on it, not the lion-on-crown of a colonel, nor the general officer cap badge. Did he pick up the wrong beret, or is that normal for Hon Cols? I've only met a couple in real life, and they wore the lion-on-crown of a colonel.

None of which is to detract from the fantastic donation he has made. If he's picked up the wrong beret, that's fine by me. He's earned my respect over the years.
Honorary Colonels always wear the cap badge of their regiment plus regimental accoutrements and the rank badges of Colonel.

This is regardless of their actual rank.

Very nice gesture from Gerald, top bloke.


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Liam Fox had a damned nerve to march in front of the band like that.

Maybe I have missed something but I haven't twigged how the DoE (wonderful man though he is) comes into it.
He has or had a spectacularly tasty missus, too. I once, all unknowing who she was, made a futile attempt to chat her up at a provincial airport (no VIP lounge to protect the wives of Dukes from common ******* like me). She was kind enough to let me persevere for five minutes or so before very stylishly blasting me out of the water and sashaying off to a private jet that had just pulled up to the terminal.

It was the nicest complete and unmitigated humiliation I've ever been subjected to.
Liam Fox had a damned nerve to march in front of the band like that.

Maybe I have missed something but I haven't twigged how the DoE (wonderful man though he is) comes into it.
Because he's an all round good egg and snappy dresser...that and I believe he had a meeting with medico's at Chilwell in autumn last year and had his proverbial bent about the current situation regarding care not just for reserve wounded but the wounded in general.

Meeting him in May so will practice career laugh and thank him, DoW not that toss failure of a GP Dr Fox that is (I'dstill ask for this weeks top 10 if I ever met him, doubt he'd get the joke though).
Why he didn't join the Westminster Dragoons RY we'll never know. Several years ago he offered to equip one of the QoY Sqns with Scimitar, MOD said that was fine but the wagons had to be spread across the whole regt, so the idea was binned.

It is a wonderful gesture, reminiscent of the Victorian age of philanthropists, and does rather put the ball in MOD's court, and the govt needs to look to the future.

trelawney, yes he can afford it, so could a slack handful of footballers together, Abram Robramovich alone, or indeed HMG, but they didn't, he did. You strike me as the sort of..... I was going to go for a Wildean riposte, but you seem to be a Guardian reading envious type, or twat as the common people say. I bet you give **** all to charity. And moan like buggery about the youth of today.

Happy new year.

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