Duke Of Lancasters Regiment

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by beano.09.1lancs, May 17, 2009.

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  1. just wondering if anyone here is with this regiment or is in the process of joiining?
  2. I might be mate, i'm deciding between the Lancs or the Fusiliers at the moment, i'm from manchester but aparantly a lot of Geordies join the fusiliers and i like the accent :p
  3. make sure you make the ryt decsion...1LANCS *cough cough*..
  4. yeah the Fusiliers and the Coldstream Guards are the main regiments around here, mostly fusiliers but Coldstream are getting a good campaign underway i think haha,
  5. :D haha, the main thing i'm worried about is whether i'd fit in with a load of geordies :p i hope so, and im sure there is some mancs there too, just don't want all mancs thats a bit boring :p
  6. there are people from all over the place in the Fusiliers, they get quite alot of the over-seas applicants aswell, met south Africans and one guy from Malawi
  7. ah right awesome :) thats what i want a lot of variety hehe, just passed my pre-selection and got my first interview on wednesday, so hoping it won't be long, when do i actually choose which regiment to join?
  8. stay with lancs mate if you from manchester, it recruits from manchester, liverpool, lancashire and cumbria.
    if and when you pass out, how many geordies are going to be going to manchester? you will either need a lift home or infact be earing some coin from giving lifts!
    serioulsy though join who you want to and look at the different historys etc rather than the accents
  9. I go to Catterick 26th July duke of lancaster hopefully to join 2 lancs