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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by papegojan, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone can clarify the following query re dress regs of this regiment. Do warrant officers wear a red backing to their badges in no2 dress? I have asked some people who have said yes, and others who have said only those in the post of CSM/RSM wear the red backing. Can anyone give me an answer please?
  2. I dont know, but nobody in the LANCS is allowed on parade unless they have a genuine ASBO (banning them from a city at all times) from a regognised Borough Council in the North of England in their top left hand pocket.
  3. That does pose an interesting legal question. Let's say you have an ASBO banning you from the city centre, but your regiment has also been granted the Freedom of the City. Which trumps which? Any coppers/lawyers out there?
  4. The ASBO wins hands down.
  5. Sorry for this question from across the pond, but what is an ASBO?
  6. Unless I'm mistaken the 'freedom of a city' entitles a unit to march through said city with fixed bayonets. Of course that might be a load of old b8llocks that some old sweat told me once.

    If the bayonets had already been issued and fixed then the ASBOs would probably win hands down. There hasn't been a city taken like that by British troops since Wellington's Peninsular Campaign when it sometimes took two or three days to get town rough and village scruff back under control after they broke open the wine cellars and embarked on a rampage of looting and rape - and those were the days when the Provost Marshall had a supply of knotted hemp and a nasty gleam in his eye.... :evil:
  7. Its a presentational certificate given to all our wonderful young teenagers for services against humanity. :roll:

    Its called an Anti Social behaviour Order, a award that tags a scrote and keeps him away from trouble. But our entraprenaurs(sh*t spelling) decided to use it as an award/medal and in most places wear it like a trophy.

    Easy solution if it was US they would just send them to a boot camp/electric chair the CNUTS......... still considering a stint in politics just to sort these fcukers out. In answer to the capbadge question I dont know :? sorry
  8. At the risk of actually helping with the question: the Duke of Lancaster's now have a regimental handbook which has the definitive answer. Any unit (including cadets & TA) so badged should have a copy by now. Unless they've all been nicked. :D
  9. Actual wording of most City Freedom documents is normally ... 'drums beatin, Colours flying and bayonets fixed' so your old sweat was just about on the money!! :p
  10. Had a look in that. Unfortunately no answer to be found.
  11. Except in the North west where they state ............freedom to go on the rob most mondays apart from Bank Holidays and extraordinary Giro days but only when the smack has worn off.
  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    always wondered how that would apply to us Riflemen. We don't have drummers, our Colours don't fly as they're fixed to our berets and of course we have "swords" not bayonets!
  13. Phone the Badge, it's his trainset, he'll tell you what backing and colour if any you can play with!
  14. Our Colours are not fixed to our berets (coz we wear Caubeens and we don't have colours).

    Our Battle honours however are worn on the Officers' cross belts

    (at least ours were)
  15. The Current Rifles Regiment

    have berets

    don't have colours

    and every man wears the colours ( officers & WO's & Sjts on there cross belts and juniors ranks on there NO2 belt )

    How things have changed , but theres still a few Ulster men kicking about in the Rifles :D